Star Miyata 30 appraisal

Hey all, a buddy of mine recently showed me a chromatic harmonica that was given to him by his father before he died. Its a Star Miyata 30 that looks like it could be pre-wwII era. We’re both wondering how much it could be worth. Its in pristine condition and looks like it might have been played very little. It also has its original box with a stamp with the picture of Miyata on the back. Any info about this harp would be great, google doesn’t come up with much about it. Thanks!

Can you post some pics? I’m not familiar with this one.

I do have pics on my phone but I don’t see a way to post them on here directly from it. Would I have to put them on a picture hosting site first? I hope not because I’m too lazy for that noise haha.

You can attach a 128kb pic here. Click on “Additional Options” to get the
drop down with the attachment browse button.