starting from the beggining

Greetings fellow harp players! :slight_smile:

What are the basic techniques every beginner should know and master before moving on. I’ve spent so much time on bending, vibrato and theory and a result I don’t know any of the basics other than DRE, single notes and hand technique.

Before moving on to what, where?

Meaning, if you have the basic techniques and foundations down – e.g. the single notes; the bending; the vibratos and some theory – then consider yourself having moved beyond a newbie, complete beginner. You’re an Intermediate or better yet Journeyman and/or Journey-woman…Congrats!!

As I’ve said many times before I’ll say again: You gotta have a plan, man (and woman)!

Where do you want to go…What do you want to do with your own harp playing?

And how and when do you see yourself getting to these goals?

And once accomplished, what’s next after that?

I don’t practice. But I pick up a harmonica laying around the house and just play.

I learn something new; add something new; try something different all the time…

It adds to my overall strengthening of what I know, can do and expand upon…All the while having fun with it!

Do I have other goals to accomplish? Sure…

One is working with another musician or musicians; another is figuring out how to make some sort of living at this if I can and am able. Both though, all in good time!

Bottom line is: Find your style; find your voice; and enjoy expressing it/them whenever and wherever you can, and the rest will fall in place as you go along!

Hope this helps!


Keep On Harpin’!

Bending is already a good step towards the advanced tier of harmonica playing. I just begun learning/improving my techniques in bending so first you’ve done very well for reaching that stage :slight_smile:

As for me I am still finding my grounds on the many styles about that I could play with. Still staying on the comfortable “C harmonica” zone but doing a bit of research here and there.

I had a background on piano playing (Stopped at Grade 4), so one of my plans is to understand where the keys are in the harmonica relative to written music, and perhaps more advance theories such as what which key signatures each harmonica can play in.

But before all that! I’m going to explore and enjoy more of the learning bundle and see what else I can learn.

I’ll have to second SPD on that…just play bro! Thats what I do! Listen to the great players (hint: youtube) and try to copy them! Interview the preformer if you have a question about how he did a particular thing!

I found a youtube video that I was impressed with, and I PMed the guy and talked with him about what he did, and I play better because of that!!

Peace Out!


For me, anytime I pick up a new instrument I basically start by just noodlin’ around on it getting use to the fretboard(if it’s a stringed instrument) or in the case of harp, the the way it sounds when you blow/draw in different positions. Just learn what sound it makes and where then you can start to put little tunes together in your head that you can express on the instrument. Also, learning the TAB is a great way to help you figure out songs too. Playing guitar I’ve gotten stuck on trying to figure out a song by ear so I’ll hit up the TAB and give it a look and it’ll really help me find out how to get past a part that I’m stuck on. Best of luck and just hang in there, it’ll come to ya’ all in good time.