Still No Harp

Unfortunately my harp still hasn’t arrived. I called Musician’s Friend and they said something about a "Code Red’ meaning it’s taking very long. It doesn’t ship by ship where i am at so it shouldn’t take a month. If my package hasn’t arrived in a week, i’ll call them again. Then i’ll have to wait another two weeks probably. If i still don’t get my package then i’ll cancel my order and just order from Amazon. Sure i’ll have to pay shipping, but it’s worth it for a one week wait. I’ll keep you guys informed.


Howdy Ace!

I feel for you buddy!

Seems like you got caught between a rock and a hard place on this one.

And it’s quite unusual at that…

Well, you probably will have a refund coming to you. I know MF gave me one for a misplaced order plus a bonus on additional future order; but that’s good business.

However too, a person’s patience can only carry them so long. Thing is, if you do go through Amazon - You’ll just end up going to another music vendor.

And who knows, they might be better at this time. Again, only time will tell.

Well, so yeah, keep us posted.


Keep on jammin’!

Actually I’m gonna wait another week. If it still doesn’t come, i call them again and they will send another one which should come on time.



My harp should be coming within a week. I called them again, and i they sent it through priority mail. I can’t wait. I’ll keep you guys updated.


We’re all a’twitter with excitement and anticipation, Ace!

Rock on, yo!

Mine will not be here until February of 2011. Talk about required patience!


I’m thinking I’ve gotta throw my hat in the ring and order me up one or two Harrisons soon myself, Barry!

Hopefully they’ll arrive before End Times & The Mayan Calendar runs out in 2012!

Would like to at least go down playing on one good harp, eh?!


Keep On Jammin’!

Hey Street Player, you have to throw a lot more than your hat in to get one of dem dar Harrisons don’t ya know!


Yeah well, one thing is next year I don’t know if I’ll be here where I’m at now – and yet still, for whatever reason also, I’m apparently living rent free inside some people’s heads <<<deep, deep insider joke there, yo…mwuahahahaha!! anywho…>>>

I’m hoping when I do finally get around to ordering one, two, or whatever Harmonica Santa can/does provide for me – By the time they do arrive, I’ll be well on my way to having learned and gotten my techniques, lessons, and everything else down for them.

Gotta have a plan, man!!

Keep on Harpin’!

First of all, sorry for being inactive recently. I’ve still been here though, reading and watching. I plan to be more active soon.

Now for:

I got my Promaster two days ago. It’s smaller than i anticipated, but it’s still good. It plays well, very similar to the Spec 20. It’s not that heavy, but at first you’ll notice the weight difference. The case is okay, nothing really special. It helped me find out that i might need to fix my Spec 20’s reeds on the higher register. Well that’s what i’ve gathered in the few days.

Oh yeah, and this is the one i ordered over a month ago. I just checked, and i should be getting another one soon. They sent me two because they thought the second one wouldn’t come. So i’m getting two promasters.

Unfortunately, i won’t be shopping at Musician’s Friend anymore… Why? Because:

-No free shipping to Guam.
-I still have to wait 2 weeks for Guam.
-Most of their promises (20% off of next purchase due to late delivery, free shipping, etc.) aren’t valid in Guam.
-I could get things from Amazon faster even if i pay for shipping.

So that’s the news.


Well, Ace, at least you’re getting two for the price of one and all the trouble, eh?

Guess too, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa over on the islands came early for ya’ll, as we here in the states are only celebrating Turkey Day this week! Hehehehe!!

Keep On Harpin’!