Stone Fox Chase Request

Hi @Luke Could you show us how to play this with tabs.

Stone Fox Chase

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Hi @Dai

While I am sure that Luke @Luke can do this without any trouble, I don’t see why you are asking for his time and effort when YouTube offers numerous videos with tabs and lessons specifically for this melody. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you put in any effort of your own to search around YouTube for these?

– Slim


A couple of reasons.
I’ve seen those videos and the tabs are not very good the way they written out.
Also it would be a good addition to this site for people who want to progress.
Would be good to see the portfolio of the site increase.
These are my reasons it may be a bit selfish of but, I think Luke is a good teacher and it’s good tune for teaching some bends.

I just think we should be considerate, since Luke @Luke has a new baby daughter …

But I cannot prevent anyone from being selfish – especially when they admit that they are.

But since you seem to be sufficiently accomplished to recognize that some published tabs are not very good, then I think it would be excellent practice & experience for YOU to spend some time & effort to improve/correct those tabs and then publish them here. :point_left:

– Slim


Here are the tabs from Liam Ward:

-2’’ -2 -2

-2 -2 -3’ -2 -2’’

-2’’ -2 -2

-4 -4’ 4 -3’ -2’’

-2’’ -2 -2

-3’ -2’ -2’’

-3’ -2’ -2’’

-3’ -2’ -2’’ -2’

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