Stranded. An RPG.

OK! I just came to with a very large knot on my head. I find myself stranded on an island in a small village full of harmonica players.
I don’t know how I got here or what to do. I don’t recognize anyone.I’ll have to play it by ear.
I ask where I am and they say this is JANZEN ISLAND, they bring me fruit and wine and dress my wound. I ask who is in charge and they tell me I will speak with him/her soon.
My head hurts, must get some rest.

Ok. I’ll be the Chief of the Island and maybe the main person who gets stranded unless someone else wants to claim it. Just start claiming characters (It’s fine if you take more than one.) We will definitly need some natives.

OH MY HEAD! It hurts so bad! Need something for the pain!!! Where is everyone? Seems I’m here all alone. Gotta find some asprin at least.

As I look through the hut for something to ease the painI notice how quiet it is in the village. I am alone! I look out the window and see nobody at all. Then I notice a faint musical melody comming from deep in the Island. I know someone is out there somewhere!

Juaqine walks up, playing Amazing Grace on the Harmonica. “Hello? Who are you?” He says in a very heavy accent, as he finishes the song. “Why are you here?”

Oh! Hello!

I’m not sure who I am, or how I got here.
I gotta aweful big knot on my head. I must have been in some kinda accident. Can’t remember anything.

You got something around here for a headache?
Where is everyone?

“I shall play you a song which will erase all pain temperarilly.” Juaquine played Camptown Races very soothingly.

???(Camptown Races to ease pain?)I think to myself!!!

Nice playing! Never heard Camptown Races played soothingly before! It’s quite nice.
Who are You?
Where am I?
Where are all the people?
I came too once and someone brought me food and I think I heard people!
I heard a harmonica… That must have been you!

My skin burns. I must have fallen asleep in the sun. It wouldn’t be so weird since I couldn’t find any shadow in the nearest few miles. I need to get some water, and find shadow. What’s more important? I need to find shadow first. And hopefully, something to drink, or even eat will grow there. A fruit, like an orange. Okay, stop thinking about oranges, it will certainly not make it easier to bare through this heat.
-Focus, keep walking, don’t stop. Do not stop. Not for anything. As soon as you find shadow you can rest. But until then, keep walking.

Hey! where’d he go? He just Vanished!
I gotta find a boat and get off this Island!
Solitude is driving me crazy!

What is that?! I’ve never seen anything like it. Is it a bird? Or a butterfly? I’m too tired to even try to find out. The day is slowly turning to night.
Now I won’t even have enough time to find somewhere to sleep.
-WAIT! What’s that?
Is that a palm tree? It can’t be! But it sure looks like it. Okay, hurry!
Man it feels good to finally get some real rest, and not have to care about falling asleep in the sun.
-falls asleep-

Oil of Olay (that’s hello in Mexicanese),
I’m the guy who fired the RPG!

And I have more ammo!