stuck on chugging

Five months into my harp journey I’ve stumbled across something that helps to learn breathing while learning to chug. Letting a little air out of the side of my mouth on exhaled notes or chords helps in how long I can play without stopping or getting dizzy. My problem is now that I’ve learned this it is all I do when practicing. Even when I try to change it up I always end up on the same progression and same bends. What should I do to open the next door to something new?

have you tried breathing through your nose while playing. it free’s you up to play any way,

Thanks. I tried that last night and it works just as well but I still end up playing the same thing. Maybe I just need to keep practicing and wait for another eureka moment. I’m sure it will happen. I’m just getting anxious.

OK mate I hear ya why not try JP Allens course here is a link to where you can get emails to you in box weekly that show free videos on technique, I found them so helpfull that I bought the entire course
Failing that then yea it possibly is just practice, when I was shown as a kid my grand father showed me to breath out of the side of my mouth but when I relearned I was breathing through my nose which meant that there was no breaks I was (and am ) exhaling through my nose on blow notes and in haling on draw notes, its about keeping both airways open at the same time really, it too some practice but I personall find it usefull
any way enough of me talking here’s the link just add you e-addy and follow instructions let us know how you get on

harp on bud

The main thing you’re really asking is: “How do I add variety to my playing?!” Aint’ it?!

Now I admit I’m not a super-chugger ala JP or anyone else for that matter…But I do make mine personal, which is what harpin is all about. Isn’t it?!

So whenever I get into the ‘rut’ of playing the same chugs over and over again, which can seem mindlessly…I breathe and tap out different rhythms in my head purposefully.

In JP’s lessons on the subject, once you can play the background rhythm patterns keeping the beat – Then throw in a few lead licks/riffs to break it up. Going to the high end and/or moving around the registers using blow notes helps too! Sounds cool!

Nevertheless, if you can tap out/keep up the beat, then you simply slide back into it. And vice-versa.

Hope this works for you as well!

Stay with it!

Good luck!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

Go find a jam session is one thing! Even if you don’t play…listen for some good songs and inspiration!

Another thing…find some backing tracks for specific songs…or general blues. And try some improv! And yes, it will sound repetitive at first, but you’ll get better!

Keep on Harpin’!

Peace Out!

Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice and will keep working on it — Pick Ballad first and take look. Pick a song you are familiar with and try to follow along.
Search for harp tab sites and find some songs to build your Variety.