Stumped... what Key of harmonica is he playing? Help please!

Hey Everyone,

I am playing harp on Sunday at church. We are playing Bart Millard’s version of I Saw The Light. The song is in Ab, and from my harmonica knowledge if I’m playing 2nd position, I should be playing an Eb. Well, after $42 wasted, and Eb is not what I need to play. Is he playing straight harp on this song? Here is a link to the itunes page for the album. Click on I Saw The Light.


He is definitely playing in Ab, but you are a little confused about Crossharp (which is something we all were when we started this Crossharp stuff)
You need a harp that will play in Ab when you use the second position (Crossharp) an Eb harp won’t do the job as you already know, what you need is a Db Harp,
When you play Crossharp your key is a fifth away from the key of the harp, so your Eb harp plays in Bb
a D harp plays a fifth away from D in the key of A
and a Db harp plays a fifth away in the key of Ab.
Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply.

You are right, I needed and Db, and luckily I found one. Played the song live with the band the other weekend and it was killer.

I wish I understood theory more, but it will come in time.

Thanks again!

:smiley: You’re welcome