I finally got around the checking my SP20 (I wrote about blowing out the 4 draw reed in another post). Someone suggested it might just be stuck.

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to taking it apart and checking it out. For a moment, I thought that maybe it was simply stuck and after giving it a slight nudge it seemed to work.

After reassembly it seemed to blow just fine with a few ‘practice’ draws.

A little while ago, I was going to practice with it, put it to my mouth - and nothing, still off. I guess I did blow it out.

Anyway, I was wondering what I could do to replace the reed plate. I’m going to go out and get another C harp (probably a Lee Oskar) but don’t want to get rid of my SP20 - its my first harp after all.

Can I replace the plate with one from a Blues Band? Any other recommendations/compatibility options for plates?

I don’t want to buy another set of replacement plates due to cost (which is why I’m just going to go get another harp in a few hours). I’m thinking long term, after I’ve accrued a selection and different harps wear out, etc. What parts would be compatible, etc.

The only help I can offer is this GEM I found On Jim’s website…
Also look at the other advice he offers under the TOOLS heading. Great free information! Thanks Jim!
I read that the reeds on the BluesBand harps are thicker than SP20.

Thanks, PB. I’ll take a look at those videos.