So Jerry made $58 million + on his MDA telethon. Good for him.

Back when I was growing up in Detroit, Michigan, we’d just now be getting ready for the beginning of the school year, the day after Labor Day.

Since the NEA and Teachers Union thugs just about highjacked and changed everything as far as the school year and education as a whole go, well, glad I don’t have to experience those times anymore.

Switching topics now:

While I was rummaging through lots of old saved to favorites files, I found this:

Once you get past the annoying pop-ups, and scroll down to the youtube clip, it’s worth it!

This song brings back so many fond memories. I literally played it about 20 times today already!

Hope you enjoy it too! And if [u]you’re going to school tomorrow, what are you still doing up?! Mwuahahaha!!

That is way too cool, Great tune!! Sounds real familiar and I think I’ve heard it in english. I might be wrong.

Somehow Street I think you know the English name of it…Would you like to share. ;D

Harp on!!

Sure, why not, mi tomodachi! :smiley:

Sukiyaki is just that: Sukiyaki - a kind of Japenese stew!

It’s about a man and his broken shattered love for a girl. Quite touching really!

Here’s some fun facts:

With English translations, a kind of karoake Sukiyaki:

For me, it’s just reminiscent of the late Akira Kurosawa

And his wonderful Samurai movies turned into magnificent American westerns. Saw many on TCM during their tributes to him.

It’s just a good nostalgic song one can play again and again if they’ve a mind to. And yet still, one rarely hears the likes of anymore unless you did like I did and stumbled upon it one day! :slight_smile:

Now I’m addicted to that song.

Here’s English version on You tube “A Taste of Honey”. Japanese version much better

Harp tab that anyone.

Harp on!!

Yeah well ex-nay on the addictionway, okay, broskay! :-X

Don’t need to be known as “that guy, the Sukiyaki-pusher, he killed Injun Joe!” around here…mwuahahahaha!

But after the Taste of Honey version, methinks some girls just shouldn’t sing a guy’s song.

And it ties into Jerry’s telethon too as a matter of fact!

After Jerry left for his nighty-night nap, Deana Martin, Dean’s daughter came onstage and sang a few songs. Apparently, she has a nice following and radio show too:

But she’s no Deano. Average Las Vegas singer I thought.

She did a rendition of her father’s famous “Everybody Loves Somebody” song. When she got to this part:

[center]If I had it in my power,
I’d arrange for every girl to have (all) your charm(s)
Then every minute, every hour
Every boy would find what I found in your arms![/center]

It was a tad awkward. I think some audience members thought so too.

So yeah, some girls shouldn’t sing guy’s songs; and vice versa. Anywho…

Tonight I’m getting offline early to watch the season finale of “White Collar” and another episode of “Covert Affairs” on USA Network. These shows rock! 8)

Been watching “Swamp People” on the History channel this past weekend.

Gawd, man, this is like a Saturday Night Live skit/parody of “Deliverance” on the YouTube channel gone completely awry! :o

I thought the show on them american loggers was bad; but this takes the cake, so far!

Catch ya’ll laters…

That is a very beautiful song. I wonder how would it sound like on the harmonica… I think I’ll be awesome.

You should go for it see maybe if theres a tab for it and record it and post up ;D

It would be awesome.

harp on!!

I just found the tab ( it looks difficult (I can’t play the harmonica well enough yet)

I found the harptabs version; but surfing along one day came across this other:

Definitely more detailed with an assortment of midi links. :o

It’s a beautiful song; have played bits and pieces of it; perhaps whence I become more advanced and proficient, I’ll come back and really tackle it. :slight_smile:

Rock on, yo!