Super 64

I have been wanting a Super 64 and so I went on ebay to see if I could get a deal. I ended up getting a used one and also purchased a new one. The difference between the two is amazing. The used one I should have sent back. Wind savers were all out of whack, looked like someone held it out side a car window at highway speed. But I only paid half retail price and decided to keep it . But here is the deal. in comparison , new harps cover plates do not fit proper. hangs over the side edges, the back of the cover plates are crimped at the bends on all four sides, font is bigger and is facing the wrong way, wind savers are completely a different style from the 64 as I know them. The used 64 as far as the cover plates. They are flawless. No crimping, they fit right, font is correct with no lettering on the bottom cover. The wind savers are completely different ( although damaged ) I think they are the right style. Even the back of the combs font is different. Used harp has large font, new harp has small font. Im glad I didn’t send the used harp back. I switched cover plates and they fit perfectly,I now own a pretty nice Super 64 Chromatic. The difference in craftsmanship between the two harmonicas is astounding.
My total cost, $750.00.

Howdy and welcome Mr. Z!
Congrats on your new Super 64. That’s a pretty nice axe.
How long have you been playing chromatic?
The windsavers are easily replacable, and you may be able
to get a line on great self adhesive valves (windsavers) on
the forum. A late, great harmonica builder
and repairer used to offer these, and I believe his wife may
still have some available.
You got 2 Hohner Super 64’s and paid $750? How much of that
was shipping? Are you sure they weren’t Super 64 X?
Post some pictures. I am intrigued by your cover plate description.


Post some shots of the windsavers too; on both harmonicas.