Read through all questions - 8 total = 8 votes.

Then post what you think the final score will be. As in: 24-21 Packers!!**

**Please note: This is not a scientific poll; and any/all wagers are between you and your bookie/friends/family/etc.

Good Luck!

Have Fun!!

Packers 31-17

Patriots 27 - 10 :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

just kidding Steelers 27 - 10

I heard theres ticket available on the 50 yard line…

$24000.00 a piece

Harp On!!

Patriots 27 - 10
Steelers 27 - 10

Talk about hedging one’s bets to cover…um er ‘the spread’?!

And who wins that wager…the bookies?!

And with 1,000 to 1 For – I’d still take the odds against that there ain’t going to be any Sex in the City marathon playing on your TV Super Bowl XLV day!!

Am just saying…


Lest we forget too about the almost $990, soon to be through the roof and then some on just parking spaces outside Cowboys Stadium!!! :o

But those harpsters from the Lone Star should be able to get us in easy like, no problem, eh?!! :slight_smile:

Good ole, Ty-Man, buddy ole pal! :wink: