Suziki Bluesmaster vs Promaster

Does anyone have these two types of harps? What is the difference in sound? Is one easier to play than the other?

Hi Ic
I have the bluesmaster in C . It’s a very nice little harmonica, very easy on the mouth, nicely rounded at the corners.Good sound. I also have the Promaster in F, which I play not too often because it sounds very high,but is easy to play and about $30 more than the bluesmaster. It’s a valved 10 hole diatonic and a quality instrument, but I wish it was a lower key.It’s a metal comb and very nice on the mouth.I have a Suzuki folkmaster as well in the key of D, but that’s a cheapy at about 14 +tax.Sounds somewhat tinny. I use it seldom.A little hard on the mouth, the reed plates stick out too much.Hope that gives you some idea.John
Whatever you do don’t buy Hohner 12 hole diatonic. A piece of junk. Can’t hardly get any draws out of it, even after i had it in the Hohner repairshop. They said there was nothing wrong with it. It leaks like a sieve.

Actually I’m not fond of Hohner. I like Suziki and if I want another key that is available in both the Bluesmaster and the Promaster, I wanted to know if there was a reason to get the more expensive Promaster. I did order a Hohner. A very affordable 10 hole Chromatic; around $38.00 and highly recommended. l got that only because I want to play melodies and I’m having such trouble bending. Anyway, I was interested to know if the Promaster was worth the money in comparison to the cheaper Bluesmaster.

According to the Suzuki spiel the Bluesmaster combines the best of the Promaster with the affordability of the Folkmaster.
I have a set of 7 x Bluesmaster harps and personally think they are great.
IMHO go Bluesmaster.


Here is something about the Promaster…

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I’m not seeing anything, BT. It’s okay though. I just wanted personal opinions from those who may have tried the two types to see if they saw a real difference.

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Good grief, BT!!! I read that whole thing and posts like this one made my eyes bleed! :o Totally lost me. LOL

The old classic blues recordings were made with JI harps because that was how harps were made at that time. if a player is coming over from chrom, i think the transition will be easier on an ET harp. JI is not a particularly versatile set up.

More interesting, IMHO, is learning how to properly intonate the blues scale on diatonic. Music books write out the blues scale as if it were a minor pentatonic scale with an added flat 5th. But, in reality, the blues scale is microtonally different from the minor pentatonic scale.

Okay, if one is playing MAJOR KEY blues, the 3rd of the blues scale (when that note is played as a 3rd) is intonated as a quarter tone flat third or “blue third” NOT as a true minor third. The 7th is intonated about 3/4 tone flat which is a little flatter than a true minor 7th. This note is called a “blues 7th” or “harmonic 7th”.

Now, the 3rd of the key is, of course, the 3rd of the I chord but that same note is also the 7th of the IV chord. So if you are playing the 3rd of the key on the IV chord it has to be played as a true minor 3rd or a little flatter and NOT as a quarter tone flat "blue third’ like it would be on the I chord. You can do this sort of thing on a diatonic and this is where the blues lives regardless of whether the harp is ET or something else. Personally, i actually find it more difficult to play blues well on other than an ET harp because it’s hard to bend a quartertone anyway let alone find that pitch on a harp that may be tuned a quarter tone flat to begin with. if one’s approach to blues is chugging and trying to sound like a train, then, yeah, a JI harp will be great. But that’s a fairly primitive approach to the idiom, IMHO.

The blues does live in the 3 hole draw of a diatonic harmonica. True 7 limit just intonation is the tuning all the great classic blues were recorded in. Just intonation, or JI makes for a chord that blends better tonally. A chord played on an Equal Temperment or ET harp in which all the notes are tuned to 0 cents at A 442 sounds jangley and dischordnant.
The big fat Blues tone that is so ardently pursued is played using a (mostly) tongueblock emboucher which in itself is played from the chord.
Drawing 3 hole unbent gives a major feel, drawing a 1/4 bend on 3, a bluesy sounding tone, the note on hole 3 bent 1/2 step is the minor and lends that feel.
Playing BLUES harmonica incorporates so much more than just single note (think ET) playing, unless you plan to solo thru the entire tune, or sit out 'till it is your turn to solo.
As a beginner you should be a bit more humble and not assume such a grandiose posture that allows you to postulate that playing anything other than ET is a “primitive” approach to the idiom. Nothing could be farther from truth, and anyone idiot enough to believe that has their head up in…well don’t go there.
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Are you guys just showing off or what.I have trouble enough trying to bend the notes. , but this was about bluesmaster and promaster. I have both and love them.John

Thank you, John. I ordered a Promaster in Low F. I like the sound of the lower keys. Should have it by this weekend. I have G and A in the Bluesmaster already, so that should finally conclude my harmonica collection. My husband will be relieved. :wink:

I thought IMHO meant “in my (Humble?) opinion” as in the first person.
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Opinions are like noses…everybody has one, and some of them run in the family. It is MY HUMBLE opinion that music is NOT a science, but an art…and like noses…everybody has a different one!

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Sorry, must have hit a nerve somewhere.John

Well…we certainly got off track somewhere along the way, it was a bit like a 4 draw that should have been a 3 blow. :-X

Promaster has a much, much better comb (have I told you that recessed combs were, are, and will always be leaky?).

On the other hand, promaster has an aluminum comb, which may be a problem with some people sensitive to the electrolytic reaction.