suzuki bluesmaster and suzuki firebreath ..... any comments ?

been lookin at these and wonder if anyone could comment about them.
so far as abeginner a have hohner C A G special 20s
and want try something new for xmas.

I’ve never played a Suzuki, but Seydel Blues Sessions sound nice! That’s what Edward plays and I have a couple. Around 35 bucks. Lee Oskars are OK but I really like Seydel 1847’s. ;D They cost, but the quality is worth it to me. Now remember, this is just my opinion, you will ultimatly have to decide for your self. And remember, what is one man’s prefered harp, maybe anothers dude! For instance, for about the same money as a Special 20, you can get a Golden Melody. Some really like them, but for me there not that great. So there you go, step out and get what you want and go from there. No doubt, you get a dude or two. Happy Harpin’ ;D

Yes well said Tyson,

I do have a firebreath, it’s built solid as a rock and plays well too.

But for now I am going to just stick with the Golden Melodys.

Like Tyson said it’s a personal preference, I’ve got a couple Seydel 1847
and couple firebreath’s but most of my harps are GM’s it must fit me better
or just am so use to it.

That’s my harp of choice.

So Paul try a few different ones or as many as you can and then you’ll end
up with a favorite.

Harp On!!

Well I’ll be doing some Xmas shopping for myself here soon enough too!

Thing is, I finally purchased my first Suzuki - A Manji in A. About the same price range as the FireBreath - the reason I didn’t get the FireBreath is because it’s in equal temperament tuning. Which is the same as all my Golden Melodys.

Meaning, the GMs are great for songs, but not so much for chording and chugging etc.

The Manji is okay. For me, tis nothing much to write home about. I will emboss and gap the reeds when I get one of BB’s round tuits! hehehehe!

But yeah, it’s okay. I do however like the rosewood comb though. Makes the harp sound nice and full at that.

At the same time, I also acquired a Seydel 1847 Low C. And while I absolutely love it, still, after just 45 minutes or less, the wooden comb began blowing up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon!

I will have to find out where to send it for a replacement. Yet as this is my third Seydel, first 1847, I’m not dissuaded by this little setback at all.

As said elsewhere, except for one or two more, I basically have all the OOBs I’ll ever need. So my next investments will be in chromatics and customized harps, more likely a Harrison or two!


Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

Hey PMD, Tyson, Joe and Street Player said about all that could be said, but you must venture out and get some of these different harps and decide for your self. Keep in mind that most harps made are capable of playing beyond most of ours ability to play them. Find a harp that after you have roamed over the universe of harps, going back to that harp is like going home.
Ya know, Adam Gussow plays just about the cheapest harp you can get the old standby Hohner Marine Band with the nails in them (not even screws) and I think you’ll admit he plays a pretty good harp. Soooooooooooo much for spending big bucks, but I think all of us wants to own several to many different harps because we love harmonicas.


thanks for the responses. i kinda got intrigued by the suzuki after reading
about’em in that link provided by spd .

Hey there, Street buddy, player friend, dude. When your out shopping, what are my chances of say you sending me a new 1847 key G? What ya say there friend? ::slight_smile: Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho?

I’m thinking Street should gift wrap and send Seydel 1847 to every registered member on the forum.

Just because he’s that type of guy ;D ;D

Harp On!!

He shore is a fine feller fer duin all thet, ain’tchee Street?
You’ll have my address for to send me my Seydel I am hopping. Wile yor ad it, hows bout chew gourd head and goal plate tat thang two, OK? Match ma teeths. Whut ones is left anyways.
I tried usin my goodest rightin skills fer to writ thet.


@ Ty-Man & JF!

I’m just Harmonica Santa’s lil helper, but I’ll be sure to pass your wishes along! :wink:

@ BB!

Well, Mon Sewer, I’m still waiting for my ensemble jewel-studded tiara, necklace, bracelet and earrings from ya’ll. I have my appointment set up and rarin’ to go with the salon to get my hair, nails and toes done, dontcha know?! :-*

But no peeking prior, tee hee! ::slight_smile:

Your goat n gourd head cheese platter sounds yummy! And don’t forget to throw in some chitterlings and pork skin rind tater chips while you’re at it! Hmm Hmm Hmm!! :smiley:

IMHO the Suzuki Bluesmaster & The Suzuki Harpmaster are excellent value and are built tough. They will outlast the equivalent Hohner Sp20 and I have found they do not suffer from the same inconsistencies.

That said you really have to compare apples with apples ie given the choice I would always pick the Bluesmaster or Harpmaster over a Special 20. Lee Oskars are a great harp but are just that bit more expensive but are also consistent & built tough.

Apart from everyday use and abuse that I give my Bluesmasters & Harpmasters I have my better harps for special times and recording. My best harps are Manjis and Crossovers. I also believe the Seydel 1847 to be a good harp but a bit expensive and a tad bit bulky for my liking.

David, have you noticed how much smaller the Crossover is in hand compared to all other harps, or is it just me?


Barry> yes the Crossover is small & that is one of the features I really like ie it also plays great . I also like the size of Marine Bands but I dont like the wood and nail construction.

Identical in size to the Crossover is the Suzuki Folkmaster. Not the same class of harp but with minor tweaks like opening up the rear the little Folkmaster is IMO a good little harp. They are not loud but are sweet sounding & play well. I do however find that I prefer them in the lower keys A Ab & G. They are very low in cost and for this reason I always carry one in Ab which I can play/abuse even when I am enjoying a beer & crisps. I figure at the price they are almost disposable but I can’t break 'em!

I have a firebreath in A and a bluesmaster in G. Very fond of both. Bluesmaster bends well on low end not so great mid range, but thats probably me more than the harp. Love the warmer sound of the firebreath.

Not sure the original poster is still following this, since it’s from back in November, but I’m going to echo some of the Suzuki love here. I’ve tried a number of different models over the last couple of months, and the Harpmaster and Bluesmaster are both amongst my favorites.

I like the Lee Oskar and Special 20 both as much, but the best overall value I’ve found in the harmonica world so far is the Bluesmaster boxed set. I see the set of 6 available several places for around $140 shipped, about $23 per harmonica. I got mine even less than that on clearance.

I think some of this may be that I have a small mouth, but the Bluesmaster is one of the most comfortable models for me to play for a long time. It might seem like it would be a small difference, but even the Special 20 seems thicker. The Lee Oskar has a similar feel to the Bluesmaster to me. But I also like that the Bluesmaster cover extends all the way to the end, though that’s not a big deal, it is preferable to me. Of the Hohner models, I’ve really become a fan of the Marine Band and Marine Band Deluxe, also in part due to the small size and how comfortable they are for me to play.

Aside from ergonomics though, the Suzukis also seems to be amongst the best in that price range as far as the consistent quality and playability out of the box. They are all well tuned, gapped, and airtight. Of 7 harmonicas, not one has had a single reed that has needed adjustment to play properly. I haven’t seen the same consistent level of quality in most of the Hohner models I’ve tried (though my two Special 20s have had no problems, and my two Marine Band Deluxe are maybe even better than the Suzukis).

So for me, I’ve settled on the Bluesmaster as my main workhorse, with Marine Band variants my favorite compliment. Between those two, I can do just about anything I want. The Marine Bands, with the holes more narrow and closer, plus the tuning leaning more towards JI, are better for chording. They also have a brassier tone I like for some things. The Bluesmaster bends nicely, has a sweeter cleaner tone that’s really great for soloing or accompanying other instruments, and will probably be nice amplified as well (though I haven’t tried that yet).