Suzuki Bluesmaster easy sliding?

I’m curious if somebody had the same experience as I did with a Suzuki Bluesmaster. I just received my first as I could not resist adding yet another harmonica to my collection. I wanted a carrying case and ordered a nylon Hohner case (and yes, as I read elsewhere here the one I got does not have a carrying handle! I think that’s a miss). Could not resist in adding another harp and wanted to try a Bluesmaster.

Ordered a F. Since I did not have that key yet. Toke it out of the box and just played a scale from 4 to 7 and the first thing my brain told me this one wants to slide easily from hole to hole. Easier then my Tombo Folkblues or my Special 20s. I could not figure out why. Is it the cover plate material?, the design?, the comb? Is it because it’s new?

Do let me know your experience with the comfort of the Bluesmaster. For playing comfort I like it. Time will tell if it will stay this way and become my favorite. I can tell I don’t like the plastic box it came in. It’s bulky and the harp has to much space surrounding it inside. Putting it in my pocket made it rattle with every step I made. Does not fit in the box of a special 20. Still have to try if it fits in the Tombo folkblues box. This one is small compared and does not rattle in my pocket as such.



I don’t have any Suzuki Bluesmasters myself – But seems you found something that YOU like! Cool beans!

As far as carrying it around in its box – Find a small polishing cloth, preferably new, and cut to size if need be. Wrap it around the harp, stick it in the box, and viola! no more rattles!

Keep On Harpin’!

I’m liking it for sure! 8)

But I’m also curious how it can make such a difference. As I saw posted in a review they often all have black plastic comb and covers that look mostly identical. Admit the Bluesmaster design is a bit different running all the way to end. But that would make me expect that the center area would be play pretty much the same and yet it does not being different from harp to harp.

Happy Harpin’!


I started with the Special 20 and figured I would try a BluesMaster because it looked like it wouldn’t grab my whiskers. Well it still grabs whiskers!
I didn’t notice it sliding any easier, but seemed to bend easier.
I also had a little trouble hitting the holes as I moved around on the harp. I don’t know why that is, I placed a BM on top of a SP20 and the holes line up perfectly. I ended up buying a whole set of Special 20’s and very satisfied.

F is a great key if you want to play to dogs. ;D I find it hard to play a harp in D let along F, man, that’s got to be “squeaky”.
I did have a Harpmaster and it was a really nice harp, if the Bluesmaster is anywhere near as good then it’s going to be a great harp as well.
You might want to give a Low F a try, it’s one of my favorite keys along with A and maybe G. I tend to like the lower keyed harps over higher ones. Anyway, enjoy, you’ve got a really good harp there.

I find the Bluesmaster to be the most comfortable harp to play. I don’t like the response from them the way the reeds are set up. If I could have special 20 response in the bluesmaster package I would be delighted. I mostly use the special 20 now, but the bluesmaster is the most comfortable. I think it is because of how far up the cover plates come on the comb. Compare that SP20 with the Bluesmaster by looking at how close the cover plates are to the holes, not the spacing between holes and I think you will see what I mean. I also think it is slightly thinner than the special 20 where your lips go. What I don’t like about the bluesmaster is how extreme the ridge is at the back of the cover plate because I hold it very close to the back to leave plenty of lip room for my deep relaxed embouchure.

If you are playing single notes, you’ll find the Manji comb holes a bit smaller than the Special 20. The Manji does have a nice crisp sound, and performs well, so work on that lip block, and if you can, shop for your favorite key. I’d start with one first to see how you like it. Perhaps a lower key to do some nice chugging along!

I bought an A, but prefer my Special 20’s and Marine Band Deluxe harps, but it’s nice to have a special key in a different make to noodle on once in a while!