Suzuki Folk Master

This little harp was a mystery to me. I have kept bumping into it for the last two or three weeks on various harp sites. My initial reaction was it bears a very good harp manufacturers name mmm! maybe a poor relative. So any way thinks me stop being so reticent, so I ordered one from ebay and it arrived yesterday. It comes in this fragile little reddish box and the harp rattled inside.Thats OK so time to take a look and after some examination soon noticed that the finish was not that great the corners had sharp edges and one of the screw heads felt rough to the point of being sharp. That over with I nursed her for a wee while to warm her up and played her.To be fair this little Folk Master in my humble opinion is pleasant enough to play and it was not at all expensive cost me £8 and £1.50 carriage. So I taped up the holes and the back and set about cleaning up the rough corners and edges and screw heads with my small file and so now it will be interesting to see how long this bargain basement baby harp lasts.Will keep you posted. harp on

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