Suzuki Manji M-20 - is it good?

Has anyone had a try on Suzuki Manji M-20?

I would like to know if there is anyone’s comment by comparing with Hohner Special 20. Thank you.

Yup I got one. It was actually one I purchase from Ben Bouman
click here:

Mine is in key of G it’s so different from the Golden Melodys I’m use to but I like it
and it works well.

I also have another one in Low F.

There well made Harps for sure. Probably double the price of a special 20.


I have two…One A; one C.

They are very well made; and feel very good when playing; no denying any of that.

However, due to their harder materials, the reeds are more stiff than Lee Oskars. So I really had to work on the 1-4 draw reeds to get them to respond to bending.

I do carry them around with me; albeit they’re not my favorites.

Just one man’s review…

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

I’ve read that they’re pretty decent. If I wasn’t trying to go all Lee Oskar and if my budget didn’t suck so much I might try a couple.

Finally, I got one G harp of Suzuki Manji M20 from the shop.

After the first try, I found that, I like the plastic comb of Hohner SP20 more. For Suzuki Manji M20, the comb is covered by the reed plates and I have to tighten my lower lip a little bit more to get a single node clear.

For hole 4 to hole 10, the sound produced is bright while the response is quick.

But, it was hard for me to produce a clear single node from hole 1 to hole 3. Especially for hole 3, it is very sensitive to my tongue position. It is easy to get it bend, but difficult to get it fully unbend.

Since it is my first G harp, I don’t know whether it is a common characteristic for Hohner SP20 G harp as well.

Joe, would you share your experience for the Suzuki M20 G harp?

MY harp was customized by ben bouman and it plays the most beautiful chords you can imagine.

The first time I tried it. I remember it tickling my lips the chords played so well.

And it was like totally different than my Golden Melody’s which are my go to harp.

But I still pull out that Beta Bouman harp often and play.

Harp On!!

I found a post in a forum that, someone solved the problem for the Manji M20 C harp by readjusting the position of hole 3 draw reed.

I could understand why JP always recommends SP20.

someone solved the problem for the Manji M20 C harp by readjusting the position of hole 3 draw reed.

What was the problem that the solution solved?!

Just wondering…

Reed gapping


Again, Manjis are built very well. But I had to work on the lower reeds to get them to respond properly and be more airtight.

Goes to show, regardless of what the ‘press’ on it says, only personal experience will tell you for sure.

Being said though, for me, JP, and many others – The Spec20s are still the best maintenance-free OOBs on the market and most suggested for beginners and upwards.

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”



Actually, I don’t understand the terms ‘OOBs’. Could you explain?

OOB = Out Of the Box!

As compared to the CHs…got it?! :wink:

Keep On Harpin’!

{Mwuahahahaha! CH = Customized Harmonica!}

Thanks, SPD~

By the way, after playing with Manji (G harp) for a night, I think I will get the rest keys (A, D, F) in Spec20.

Experience always tells us what is the right thing to do.

Yep, you’ve got to pick a harp you like and stick with it. Makes it easier to play if they’re all the same brand/model. I really like my Lee Oskar’s but I know some folks don’t care for em’. I had a Special 20 and it was decent too but they don’t have as many different tunings in the other brands as Lee Oskar does and being OCD like I am I like all my harps to match or it drives me totally nuts so I’m sticking with Lee Oskar. ;D