Suzuki Manji or Suzuki Promaster

I am looking to get a new harmonica. I have had the Hohner MS Blues harps in the past, and I feel as though they are inconsistent, and none of them were fully functional out of the box.

I have a repair kit, as well as a little book that helps me adjust the reeds and such, but my problem is that especially on the 2draw and 3 draw bends, my harps are inconsistent and I cannot get a smooth bend on those.

I realize that there is a lot of technique and practice that goes into it. On one of my harps, I can fully control the bend, so I think I have enough technique to do it. On other harps, the note simply skips from the draw tone, to the bent tone. I want a very smooth transition, and to get the half step bends, or flattened bends as well. I have not figured out how to adjust the reeds to make it do this, as no matter what I do, it will not bend how I want it to.

So, I was thinking that I might try a different harp, that might be able to do this out of the box. I am considering the Suzuki Manji, or the Suzuki Promaster. I have not played either, but I have heard good reviews about them.

I would be disappointed if I spent $60 or so, just to find out that they do the same thing out of the box.

What do you recommend? I just want an instrument where I dont feel mechanically limited to play what I want to. I am fine with working on technique, however, it seems that if I can get the 2d and 3d bends on one harp, and cannot on another, its a harp problem, rather than a technique problem.

I am replacing my keys as they wear out and trying different brands. Still have more old GMs than anything but getting lots of Suzuki Bluesmasters. Was happy with those until I got a Promaster. I shop the low prices to fill in my missing keys and some odd keys, Db, can be found cheaper than the standard keys.

I love my Promaster, found the Db for $22.00 on Amazon and Guitar Center matched the price. It isn’t just a more solid feeling Bluesmaster, it’s better. Feels like it gives me the feeling I can go where I Want with it. I play all over clean sounds, blues sounds. I Want to hit notes, do passing runs and bend a little or a lot when I feel like it. No complaints at all with the Promaster, wich I had a whole set of em. Cant afford that now but, someday. I still like my Bluesmasters but the Promaster kinda ruined me from getting more Bluesmasters.

FWIW I also have one LO so far and I like that too. I still prefer the GMs and I may follow others suggestions that they can be customized. I like the GM tone and sound. And again, I am very happy with my Promaster.