Are Suzuki Harmonicas and Suzuki motorcycles the same ownership or otherwise connected?

I have often wondered that…

But I have no idea!

Maybe the real question is…can one play harmonica and ride the bike at the same time!!!

Kinda like walking and chewing gum?!?!

Peace Out!


Looking through Wiki and other sites, I didn’t find anything specifically that links the cars and cycles with the harmonicas:

This isn’t to say that if most likely Suzuki is a big name in Japan that somewhere along the way whomever created the harmonicas wasn’t related in someway to Michio, the founder of the car and chopper lines.

I guess the same could be asked here in the States if the Ford Motor Company in Detroit is anyway related to the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City?

Answer is: They’re not!

Keep On Harpin’!

Advice from an ex-biker (by 4 days) is: Do not to play the harp while riding a bike! You will end up with a bug in your reeds and the juice in your mouth. ;D

paulbunyn. Been out on my mountain bike 4-5 days every week for the last 6 months.
When i first started, There was a 2 mile hill that i just couldnt get up.
Over the last couple of months, I have managed to get to the top. So a few days ago. I took my special 20 with me
and played crazing tune all the way to the top. Harmonicas and pedal bikes will work. Lool