Swan harmonicas

I’m looking for a chromatic to add to my collection. Wonder if anyone knows anything about ‘Swan’.

I have a Hohner CX-12, which for all intents and purposes might just be the Special 20 of Chromos. Meaning, it’s the most highly recommended and used by new Chromatic players.

For help with anything/everything Chromatic – This is the best place in the vast, mighty Harmonica Universe bar none:


Keep On Harpin’!

I got a Swan key of C Diatonic from a kit by David harp, and it was horrible quality. It sounded good, and the reeds were fine, but one day, as I was playing it (about 6 weks after I got it) the comb just kinda fell apart. Cheap plastic I presume.

Thanks guys. I was out shopping with the x mrs today and she bought me a
Hohner 260/40 10 Hole Chromatic. Sounds really good. So if i enjoy playing this i will
upgrade to something later.
All the best.