Tabs for "The Mountain Polka" by Raffi

Hello everyone,

I hope I am posting this in a correct section since this is not a question about techniques, but I was wondering if anyone would be kind to tab this song for me, here is the youtube link,

Thanks in advance!

I would have to have a copy of the sheet music to tab it. I googled it, but came up with nothing.

Thank you Nino for responding. I tried looking for the music sheet myself to no avail. I was hoping it could be tabbed by ear. I am not interested in the introduction, only the chorus from the sec 8 of the youtube video forward, which pretty much repeats throughout the song.

The only person I know who could do that is JP Allen in Hawaii. His email address is There are probably others, but I don’t know them and can’t do it by ear myself.

…ok no worries, I’ll reach out to him then. Thanks for the info.

“She’ll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain” is an old American gospel song.
Look up the tune on Wikipedia.
You can get the tabs at
This is an easy tune to learn. You should learn to play it without using tabs. Train your ear!

Awesome, thank you Fryan for identifying the tune. I know of that song, but was thrown off by the different title by Raffi. Thanks also for the tip, sure will try playing by ear from time to time. Cheers.