I’m new to the world of harmonica, but I like it a lot. I have been playing for about 5 weeks, so I’m a beginner :stuck_out_tongue: .
I was wondering if there was anyone that could “write” (if that’s the right word) the tabs for some songs. It would be great :smiley:

These are the songs:

  1. Marko perkovic Thompson: “Lijepa li si” (
    Thompson - Lijepa Li Si
  2. Slavonske Lole: “Sve je ona meni” (
    Slavonske lole - Sve je ona meni

Thats it.

Thank You! :smiley: ;D

Hi Tameo!

Well, these certainly are beautiful songs to be sure…

I know and have places on their great sites where tabs can be requested also.

With a gadzillion + songs throughout the Musical Galaxy, if someone here or over there has such tabs for these songs, you’ll be in luck!

If sheet music exists for these songs anywhere and you can find it, and then have it transposed into harmonica tablature, you’ll be in luck!

If you can sit, figure out and play any part or more of these songs, well, you’ll definitely be more than just lucky!

Here’s wishing you much success in these endeavors!

Welcome to the forum!


Keep On Harpin’!

Howdy Tameo, and welcome to the forum (and family).
I won’t offer advice on tabs, but if you follow JP’s course, you wil find you will probably be able to pick out most simple tunes and then later the more advanced ones. It’s fun picking out the tunes, and you might even end up creating a song of your own by accident (or on purpose).
Glad to have you on board.


Well, I’ll then go through all JP’s lessons, and then try figuring out those songs. Thank You!

Hi Tameo

I had a listen to both tunes and they are lovely. I feel that to get the authentic ‘ethnic’ sound a Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor might eventually (but not now) be a good choice on which to play such tunes.

Personally I hate tabs but they are a good reference as a starting point. In reality you need to develop your ear. This of course is not as easy as it sounds & will only come over time and with practising and playing numerous tunes. Once there you should have no need for tabs ie if you can sing or hum a tune you should eventually be able to play it. It’s as easy as that? No! But it gets easier sometimes!

That’s hitting the nail on the head David!! Perfectly put, great comment.

Harp On!!