I have been looking for tabs on certain songs, and it seems like 99% of them are for the words not so much the music. Is there a better way, or should I just try learning by ear?

Yeah…its the way harp tabs roll. Do you read music?

And I would totally recommend learning by ear…its what many (including myself) do!


No I don’t read music. But I could learn, do they sell sheet music for harps?

I think I’m lost. When you say that tabs are for the words…do you mean that the ‘numbers’ are paired with the lyrics of the song, and give nothing to the length of the notes? Is this what you’re getting at?


No, not really. I can figure out the timing from the songs and what I think sounds good. There are two songs I would like to learn Roadhouse Blues, and Crossroad. Now the tabs I find for these are more like singing with your harp not really playing the music you hear on the songs.

Ok…so when you read these tabs
…it looks kinda boring…same note, etc? In that case, you need to work on listening to the song, and then playing what you hear…kinda add your own style to it.

I think what you are learning is that tabs are boring…written music in general is boring, until you take it and add style. Which means learning to play on the harp what you hear in your head.

Am I getting warmer? lol

And if I’m off again…tell me, and I’ll shoot again!


Here is a small example on harp tabs there are 2 Roadhouse Blues.
A Harp: | 2| 2 2 2 43| 2 2 2 43| 2 2 2 43| 2 2 2 4 4|32 2 2 4 4|

2 2 4 4|32 2 2 4 4|32 3 2 | 2 2 2 44| 2 2 2 44 |2 2 2 4 4
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Keep your eyes on the road your

2 2 2 44 | 3 4 4 432| 3 2 2 | 2 2 2 4 4
^ ^ ~ ^
hands upon the wheel Keep your eyes on the road your

Then the other one goes

-6 6 -6 -6 6 -6 6 -6 6-6
Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon
6 7 -6
the wheel

I believe your saying you want to play the background/ rhythm /riffs, instead of the melody of the song. If that’s the case you need a program to slow down the music like the amazing slow downer. Slow down the music til you can copy it and speed it up a little at a time. don’t advance the speed till you can play it correctly. This has helped me a lot.

Ok thanks. Is there one that works better than the rest?

This is one I was planning on investing in before I got my digital recorder that came with it’s own program to slow recordings down. This website has software to slow down video downloads too that my software won’t do that I plan on getting. Adam Gussow recommends this Amazing Slow Downer highly. It really looks to be worth the cost IMO.