Take The Long Way Home

My favorite song is Take The Long Way Home by Supertramp. I found and downloaded sheet music for it and the key signature shows three flats. From what I have read, three flats is the major key of E flat. Is this correct? To play this in second position would I need a harmonica in the key of A flat? Or should it be played in the minor key of C with an F harp?

I wonder what works with SuperTramp?

I am weak on theory but if 3 flats is Eb then cross harp to that will be Ab. I think my Lee Oskar Ab is too low for that song. I wonder if your sheet music is transposed?

I THINK it is a Bb harp you want. Theory is not my strong point either!
I think, counting Eb you count up 5: Eb ,F ,G ,A ,Bb.
1 2 3 4 5

If the tune is in Eb then an Ab harmonica is needed for second position. The counting displayed is wrong ( E, Gb, Ab, are missing). Why not play an Eb harmonica in first position?

Thanks Sup Prez for keeping me straight! I apparently still don’t have that figured out yet! ???

Visualizing a keyboard helped me get it down.

This was always a tough thing for me.

Lemme get this straight…to find 2nd position its 5 half steps up from the key of the song?


This song requires bends, thus second position.


Ok, I just played it with the actual recording.
the song is in C, an F harp crossharp, 2nd position is the thing.
I used a guitar to figure what key the song was in, and grabbed an F since it just sounded like crossharp 2nd position playing. Bingo.