taking playing to the next level.

Hello everyone, ive been playing my C special 20 for about 4 months now and quite enjoying it…
so far i mostly played songs i know from before, using tabs from harptabs.com…i guess im doing nice with playing those nice simple song and im ok at bending(toh still doesnt come automatically)…
so today i was trying to play a real harmonica solo(lazy-deep purple) and it didnt go very well…i couldnt make it to sound right…
how do i go from playing simple songs to fast solos with lots of bending? also improvising and keeping a nice melody that can sound nice?am i missing something :O?

Perfect practice will make perfect performances.
Practice SLOWLY and with a metronome (a metro gnome
would be a little subway critter, right?). Only when you
have the piece perfect at a slow pace should you speed
up just a little (only as fast as you can play it perfectly).
Continue to use the metronome at all speeds. This will
get you there for sure.


Thanks for the answer.
I dont rly get how to practice with a metronome, i mean it makes you play in a steady beat right?but every song got its own rhythm\beat and it changes all the time with in the song itself (sorry for the bad terminology)…so it may help remember the tabs but i will get used to play way off rhythm,same goes for playing slow i think…

True, you should be able to vary your tempo where needed,
but you need to learn to learn to keep a rock steady beat.
The reason for the metronome though is for practice. While
practicing slowly, your tendency is to gradually speed up.
Muscle memory is learned through slow, steady practicing.
Break the song up into short sections and slowly play through
ONE section over and over, not increasing speed until the section
is perfect. At the end of you practice session, play the whole piece
up to speed and see where you need more work.
I used this with my instrumental sections all the time. I would be
very unpopular until they began to see the results in their competition
awards. It works.
Slow, steady practice. Practice at a crawling pace, and then speed
up a little (only as fast as you can be PERFECT)
I promise you will see results if you stick with it.
This is the way all us performers worked out.