Talking Blues

Does anyone have Talking Blues that they want to share? I just learned what Talking Blues are recently and i would like to learn some.

Checking Wikipedia, a country style from 1920, used by Woody Guthrey, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash. Alice’s Restaurant, is the only example familiar to me.

Well Ace!

I googled and found on Wiki:

But further along found:

Figuring it’s the former not the latter - How about posting some examples of what you’ve found and want to discuss?

Although Joe has heard/seen my original song: “I Left My Home In Alabama” –

And Whiskat has heard/seen my original riff: “I’ve Got The Blues Baby” (which thanks to Joe’s fantastic enthusiasm has inspired me to actually write out full blown lyrics) –

I don’t know if they’d be part of these Talking Blues or not. So guess if you/others provide some samples here perhaps I can/will be able to adjust or come up with something new!

Thanks, Little Brother!

Rock on, yo!!

Well… I don’t really have an example. I just read it in Winslow Yerxa’s “Harmonica for Dummies”. I was just curious if you guys have played any talking blues and if you would like to share it.

Okay, Ace! I looked it in up my copy of Winslow’s book to see what you’re referring to. Since he mentions SBWII, and since we posted the same clip at least twice elsewhere, here’s a new one that fits this bill. Enjoy! Keep on Harpin’! :slight_smile:
Sonny boy Williamson - It’s Raining Outdoors Baby

Man that was some mighty fine blues playin Ay boss

I want to learn to play the blues. Half that good.

Maybe one day.

Harp on!!

My feeling is, if you can continue playing as well as you did here today:


You’ll always have an audience, JF! :slight_smile:

And you can count me in too! :wink:

Rock on, yo! :smiley: