TGIF – 2011 Spring Holiday Special!

Yeah okay…

It’s that time of the year when Judeo-Christians get together once more to celebrate their respective traditions.

First is Hanukkah-Christmas during winter. Now it’s Passover-Easter in springtime.
By the way, speaking of springtime and for those keeping score: That fat pampered rodent Phil from Punxsutawney who predicted just 6 more weeks of winter back on February 2nd was definitely wrong, as I predicted he/she/it would be!

It’s late April, soon to be early May, and most of the US/Europe is still chilling, thawing out from the rather long cold season. So much for global warming, eh?

Yeah, I’m definitely anti-human created pollution on our Mother Earth to be sure. But as far as planetary humanly-generated climate change in spite of Mother Earth – Oh, man, don’t get me started on that one! Hehehehe! Before you know it though, it’ll be summer! And we’ll see how that goes too. Anywhat…

While I’m not so much religious as I am spiritual – While having a Catholic altar boy background, still, I attempt to give something physical up as a spiritual sacrifice during Lent (from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday). This year, as most years, was the alcohol; and what started out as a joke more than anything else was my time over at Seamus’ harmonica club chat room.

It’s been a long Lenten season to be sure; and if asked which if anything did I miss the most – Well, Easter Sunday will be here soon enough! Hehehehe! Anywhere…

In honor of this Judeo-Christian time, and with all due respect, here are a few seasonal clips which hopefully brings some smiles as well as food for thought and/or soul depending on your persuasions.

Again, these are quite mild and G-rated; and approved for all audiences everywhere.

So Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Oh, and for those of the global warming audience and the like Happy Earth Day too!

America’s Funniest Videos - Easter Bloopers
Passover - what is it?
Bitter Herb
Matzo Man
Passover 2011 Austin
Cadbury Creme Egg Champagne
Cadbury Creme Egg Newton’s Cradle
Twelve Days of Easter - FUN SONG FOR KIDS
Al Jolson sings Easter Parade - Judy Garland tribute
He Is Risen!
Happy Earth Day 2011
Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand

Very enjoyable! That first video…done some of them myself! lol