TGIF Christmas Weekend Funnies Special!!

Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special - Walter
Jeff Dunham’s Holiday Tips - Hanukkah
Jeff Dunham’s Holiday Tips - Tree Sap
“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” Animated!
Grandma Got Run Over By Obama - Health Care Parody
Hillbilly Christmas story
Naughty Santa
Check out What Single Women Really Want for Christmas Gift!
Freeze Your Winky
“The Buckwheat Christmas Chorale”
12 Days of Kwanzaa (WATCH SHIRLEY Q LIQUOR talk about how she loves the Price is Right)HILARIOUS!!

SPD, No one will ever mistake you for a sensitve, politically correct feller.

A) Thanks…I guess! ::slight_smile:

B) Is that good or bad? :o

C) Jus’ keepin’ it real, yo! :wink: