TGIF/Memorial Day Weekend 2011 Edition!

My how time flies!

We barely get done eating up the last stale jelly bean from the kids’ Easter baskets –

Watched the last petal curl up and fall off the bunch of roses now flower sticks from Mother’s Day –

And already it’s the unofficial start of the summer season!!

Sure, Memorial Day is a time for reflection, but it has some lighter moments too.

So before bikinis and tan lines start popping up –

So before six-pack abs and six-packs in coolers start arriving –


Dropkick Murphys - “Memorial Day” (Official Video)

Funny Firework Accidents Compilation Memorial Day Weekend - LOL!!!

Memorial Day Miracle


Tribute to the troops: Nickleback Double Feature

Who Am I (Tears of War)-Casting Crowns

Memorial Day Tribute Presented By J.M. Studios (Final Version)

Thank God for the soldiers…and God Bless America!


Yeppers, two statements that cannot go without saying often enough! :slight_smile:

BTW: Is anybody anywhere having good weather this MDW?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good weather? What’s that? And does anybody know what the “sun” thing is that I keep hearing people talking about? :smiley:

Well legend has it that some big bright golden orb appears in the sky every so often… ::slight_smile:

Am suspecting though it’s an old wives’ tale handed down through the ages… :-\

Just as soon as I find me some old wives somewhere’s I’ll be sure to ask them about it… :slight_smile:

And I’ll keep ya posted! :smiley:

Stay tuned… :wink:

Sun? Well, except for the days that we don’t have it here in NE, we have it! (Boy, did that make sense or what!?!?!?)

NE has been actually sheltered from a bunch of them storms, but then again, I may (or may not) live to eat those words!

Peace Out!


So far we’ve had great weather here in our part of the sunny south.


Where doing good up here in connecticut speaking of weather.
crazy winter

Harp ON!!

Howdy Joe! I’m glad your too harsh winter is over, and you’re into a good summer season. Now I’m ready for the middle section of the country to get their needed relief. Too MUCH this year.