TGIF! Weekend Funnies #3!

Been awhile since we posted anything for some downright yuck yucks; and although there’s plenty of them available - grabbed about a Baker’s Dozen to keep one smiling, laughing, and plain just going ‘hmm’ throughout the weekend. Enjoy!
banned ad
just married banned Commercial
Coke Sexy Commercial
Funny bubble gum tv ad
banned commercial by Mercedes
Very Funny Banned Commercial
Mooselight Sexy Ad
Banned Commercials - Levis
Banned in Australia Hyundai restless TV ad Baby SUV’s
Banned Commercials - Photograph
Very Funny Pepsi Commercial
Banned Hotel Commercial

I liked them all but my favorite was the one with the sleigh ride and the horse farting and torching the girl.

Now that’s just funny.

Thanks for posting SPD ;D ;D ;D

Harp On!!

Agree with Joe, fartin’ horse is the best 'un ;D ;D

Pretty Riotous!

Mercedes, Levis & Photograph ranked high on my laugh-o-meter scale too!

Also wanted to keep some balance for the ladies showing some dumb dudes and cute kids as well!

Chuckle On!!