Thank you for allowing me to join this talented forum.
Regards, Loboman ;D

Hey Lobo Man, welcome and give us some info regarding your harmonica journey.


Gawd I hope and know there’s lots of talent to be found here… :smiley:

Me, I just work here! :wink:

Hey Loboman, I forgot to close my first reply with Semper Fi (1955 to 1958).


Hey Ed, are you a West Coast/Nine Palms Marine? I’m East Coast/Paris Island type.


What’s the deal with the 99$ fee?

There’s no fee.

A letter is going out tomorrow to explain the confusion.

Anyway your God.

You get a backstage pass. And drinks are on the house :slight_smile:


Anyway your God.

Shh, JP! Mum’s the word, okay, broski?! :-X

Don’t need the other “God” member here hear you saying that, my friend. :o

Got enough plague and pestilence in my life already…don’t need anymore right now!