The Deal!

Ok here’s the deal. It’s 4:45 here in Albany, NY and I’m going to have dinner. When I return in about one hour I’m going to open up the Introduce Yourself section and everyone who joined this forum in the last week MUST introduce yourself!!!

We have to have some new blood here!!!


And what’s so wrong with MY blood?! :smiley:

It’s too old, we’ve done all the testing we could on it!





It was contaminated with some strange chemical used to manufacture the plastic cover plates on Piedmonts.

That’s tasty stuff…Yumm!!! :smiley:

It’s the nuts and bolts on the ends you have to watch out for…AND

OMG! No wonder I’ve been playing funny all this time!! :-X

Muahahahahahahaha! That’s was a great one, Gregmatic!!!
;DPiemonts ;D

They think you probably died in the 18th Century and I was there!