The flip side harpin

something I did awhile back

Just watched it, bro!

The visuals were amazing! Extremely thoroughly enjoyable!

Did you do the storyboards yourself?!

Just aksin… :slight_smile:

yea i did ,I used pitures off the net but I tried to fit them with the song

Cool, man!

Again, I’ll be honest with ya – hehehe!

The instrumental backing was good. Vocals probably, yet still kind of hard to understand.

And without and free of the per usual sometimes distracting “Hobostubs Psychedlic Trademark Visual Explosions” – hehehe!

This is one of your best.

It was original; creative; clean; and very well done!

Smooth through and through…

I really liked it!

Honest enough?! Mwuahahaha!!

Rock on, Stubs!