The Girl I Left Behind

Took me a long time to learn this tune ;D Finally broke down and bought a
Paddy Richter Harp for it.

Purchased it from

He treated me like Gold :smiley:

He’s got my business when I can play well enough for one of his custom harps.

Here it is in the Key of “G” paddy tuned Golden Melody ;D


Hey Joe, that was great…I can’t even imagine playing like that, thanks for sharing


Joe there is a good version of The Girl I Left behind Me in Glen Weissers book -Irish & American Fiddle Tunes. No bending required but its played on a 12 hole Marine Band in G.

But methinks that you really do want to leave this one behind!

Oh ya,

You know it David.

I’ve had quite enough of this tune that’s for sure.

Harp On!!

Very good, JF!

IDK…I kind of miss the duck though! :-\

Mwuahahahaha!!! Gotcha smiling!! ;D

Keep on Harpin’!

Quackin 3D" good for blues not so much for tunes ;D ;D ;D

I’ll take the compliment though thanks much SPD

Harp On!!

Good one, Joe! Your name lights!

Joe Feeney in Concert


                              January 1, 2011 Live

Hey Joe!

Your playing sounds really sweet! Well done!

I like the sound of your Golden Melody. How much did it cost to get it customized by Joe Spiers?

Here’s a harmonica medley played by old-time harmonica player W.W. MacBeth. He plays “The girl I left behind” somewhere in the middle:


He’s playing a chromatic harmonica, but I really love his playing. I found this recording on Pat Missin’s website -

  • Ashish

Ashish it wasn’t customized by Joe. I wish, he was nice enough to just retune a GM for me for 58 dollars. And he did it right away.

His custom made GM’s are a 4 month waiting list and are very pricey.

It kind of boggles my mind that he would stop what he was doing and tune one for me. When he has

got a 4 month waiting list for his big buck harps. Which no doubt he makes a lot more money on.

Oh well he’s got my business if I ever get good enough to be able to justify buying one of his harps.

One day hopefully.

Harp On!!