The Global Village Flea Market Is Now Open! PLEASE READ FIRST!!

Okay, so here’s the deal:

Several members were/are polite enough to contact me via messages (the locker room) asking if it’d be okay to post about their various hobbies, trades, and other things they may be involved with.

As we initially didn’t have anything specifically set up for such ventures and our good friends at Harmonica do, I would kindly direct them over to their website.

However, as I myself have had the pleasure of dealing with individuals offline and off-site; as well as have seen for myself many other wares our fine people are making/creating and would like to bring to market –

Well, in further considering such things: Sure, why not?!

So with all that in mind, and using the same high standards that Harmonica Club has, as well as a few more, here are the rules & regs in these regards. To wit:

[i]If you would like to buy, sell, trade or swap any gear you have you are welcome to post here.

This is not intended as an Auction. But if there is more than one buyer interested, who’s going to blame the seller for taking the highest offer?

If you make an agreement to trade with someone who responds to you, you are responsible for fulfilling that agreement. Both parties should agree on who is responsible for postage and packaging.

If you are selling electrical equipment you should specify whether it is 110V or 240V.

If you sell or trade your product, you should return and post a reply to your thread, so people know the item is gone/sold. is not responsible if any/all agreements made between forum members are not honored. Caveat Emptor, and all that jazz! members who have a sideline in harmonica related gear, musical instruments, etc. etc. are welcome to promote their products here.

Additionally as well it should be noted: Spam & Spammers are Spam & Spammers. And as usual, with the ongoing diligence of all our members here, they are dealt with immediately – if not sooner![/i]

[i][u][b]Commercial vendors should not post here.

All Members are responsible for knowing the rules and regs regarding posting/selling/buying. Your questions and comments are always welcome!

Last but certainly not least, these rules and regs may be added/amended to as necessary.[/b][/u][/i]

So there you have them, folks!

The Harpster & Harpsterette Global Village Flea Market Is Now Open!

Let’s see how it goes!

Thanks for reading!

Have fun!

Peace & SPD Out!!

Do we have to sell harmonica or music related things? Or can we sell other things as well?

That’s a very good question, J~J!

Knowing that members recondition/customize harmonicas; have extra amps, mics, etc.; create/make other related accessories and equipment;

As well create/make and are involved in other musical endeavors and instruments besides harmonica –

Not to mention educational and other materials that may be of interest to our members –

Well this sounds all pretty much acceptable to offer for selling/buying here.

As an example from my own experience: In one of the threads, I mentioned I received some extra harps from some online music stores. A member contacted me about what I had; and since they were looking for one of these harps – We were able to conduct an easy enjoyable transaction between us. Cool beans!

Knowing that members have other musical instruments, CDs, etc. – be they guitars, flutes, original productions and more – Well, for those who wish to promote such things, why not offer them a place to do so? So here it is!

Sure, say if someone has a trumpet or a sax or bongos or whatever, and is wondering if somebody else might be interested in such – Well, see what happens.

If someone as a hobbyist is involved in say basket weaving or painting – Hey more power to you! Yeah, give it a shot!

But too, this is not a dumping ground for stuff and/or junk – regardless of how good it is – that can be better sold/served on EBay or Craigslist or wherever. No, we’re not interested in your pink flamingo lawn ornaments or beer can collections et al. Hehehee!

So too if someone’s into say peddling diet and/or peter pills; office supplies; porno sites; anything/everything that can be considered objectionable spam and such – Well, take it all down the road, not here!

Spam & Spammers are Spam & Spammers. And Caveat Emptor if it’s warranted too.

So we’ll just have to play it all by sight, and see what’s what.

At the same time, all common courtesies and professionalisms apply. Meaning, if nobody hits on anyone’s items – Don’t take it personally. That’s business!

Again too, if somebody’s not sure about anything and might wish to save themselves the embarrassment of having their postings deleted – They can always contact me via Personal Messages (in the locker room) first!

I do believe this harpster & harpsterettes flea market can be quite fulfilling and rewarding for our global members and this forum.

Again though, we’ll just play it all by sight and see how it goes!

So write up a good post; have fun; and good luck!

Can we also just ask if someone has a specific item they could put up? Or do we just have to see what is already up?

I don’t think there would be a problem asking.

Just ask and if there’s a problem SPD will let you know.

Harp On!!

Another good question, J~J!

If you’re in the market looking for something that a google/search engine doesn’t fulfill – even if it’s not specifically harp, but hobby related or otherwise – providing it’s legal – and it’s not for spamming purposes either – Sure, put up a bulletin board-like post and see how it goes.

If you’re looking for pink flamingo lawn ornaments, I might throw in my yard gnomes – But I’m keeping my beer can collection! Hehehehehe!!!

Still again, as this is new here, we’ll just play it by sight, and see how it goes!

So, what are needing to buy/sell, JJ? ;D
Just asking…

Well I was wondering if anyone had a Khaen they would be willing to sell/trade/swap/lend/rent/(Anything else). After seeing Hal Walker’s videos, I’ve really been wanting to get one, but I can’t find any online.

And also, does anyone have a Solo Tuned Harmonica they would be willing to sell/trade/swap/lend/rent/(Anything else)?

This is where you can get a little creative, J~J!

Here’s a prominent active musician who plays the Khaen:

Find his email address, and begin a conversation with him. Am sure he’ll be happy to talk with you.

Inre: Solo Tuned Harp

I really like my Hohner Solo Tuned that I obtained from Coast2Coast Music; and am working on doing some customizations to make it last.

However, a friend from New Zealand informed me of this link:

And he has the Huang Solo Tuned on order. But as he’s in NZ, he says it will take a while.

Am sure though, you can get yours toot-sweet if you order one before midnight tonight! Hehehehe!

Also, I’m considering putting up my Hohner CX-12 Chromatic with plenty of extras - i.e. books, cds - soon! So stay tuned there!!

In any event, good luck!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

I see you’re using the new catch phrase! I like it! We could start a trend! This could be the new “cool!” jk. lol.

I really like it!

It’s just one of those creative A-ha Eureka moment quips!

While in the bank the other day, while the cashier was working on my transactions, I was playing some low tunes on my Bb Lee Oskar.

When done, she said “Have a nice day!” - I smiled: “Have Harp, Will Travel!”

“Yes! Thanks! That was nice!” she laughed and smiled back!

So I guess getting it trademarked and business cards w/logo are in order, eh? Hehehehe!!

Rock on, yo!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

We gonna have to start calling you, “Paladin” ;D

That’s cool to be thought of this way:
Although I’ve always fancied myself a bit this way:

Maverick - Theme Music~David Buttolph (music)~Paul Francis Webster (lyrics)

But if push comes to shove, I can always go this route too:

The Man With the Harmonica


Maybe we should call you “Playadin.” ;D
(Is that last preview of a real movie? If so, what’s it called?)

I like it J~J!

Here’s the actual movie. I never actually saw it; but will be on the lookout for it now:

Once Upon a Time in The West Trailer


You definately need to get it trademarked. And instead of a knight s your logo, it’s a harmonica!

Trying to trademark that could get a little resistance from these guys:

Well what do ya know?!

As I always say: Great minds think like me!! :wink:

Guess my others: “E Pluribus, Unum” and “Slippery When Wet” are out of the question too…

Go figure!! ::slight_smile:

I came up with another one.

“Whether Chromatic, Diatonic, or Tremolo, I have a harmonica wherever I go!”

I’m partial to “One Size Fits All” myself! :wink: