The Greatest (Modern Era) Harmonica Player Ever!

Sure, while the title is totally subjective, and I’m devoting the start of this thread to only one person – Well, just one look through these vids and you’ll see why.

With his older brother’s band, he made his national debut a mere four years ago (2006) on the 1st Season of America’s Got Talent. Although just barely 12 years old himself, coming in as a runner-up behind 11-year old singer Bianca Ryan (whatever happened to her?!) – He may not be a household name anymore.

Yet still only a teenager, practically not even out of high school, playing with the biggest movers and shakers in the Harmonica Universe, he’s on his way to be one of the greatest if not greatest modern era harp players ever!! Enjoy!!
The Millers - Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
The Millers on American’s Got Talent (Semi-Final) - Part 1/2
The Millers on American’s Got Talent (Semi-Final) - Part 2/2
American’s Got Talent Season 1 Finale - The Millers
LD Miller
16 year old LD Miller - Beatbox/Harmonica
ultimate harp jam

Yeah, brilliant player SPD :wink: :wink:

I remember voting for The Millers about 100 times each week while they were on.

But hey, my favorites on American Idol don’t get picked to win either. Oh well!

Thing is, while we have one great teenager male – We can’t forget about this young lady who can rock the Casbah and harp joints too. Enjoy!

And I’d definitely be remiss if I didn’t include this inspirational young harpster to the mix either:
Jay Gaunt, Blues Harmonica - NJN/State of the Arts
Jay Gaunt at Sonny Boy Williamson’s grave.mpg

Well, … don’t those Seydel’s sound sweet?
To me, they just have a differant tone…smooth. Now all I gotta do is learn more stuff…to be young again?

Piss on that… I don’t want to relive those years again! I’ll just be the best I can be at 51, so there!

Thanks for posting those SPD!!!