The Legend himself

Anyone catch Dylan at the Grammy’s the other night.

He comes on at 5 minutes 18 second. I think he screwed up the lyrics at 7 minute 18 second mark.

Got to cut him a little slack he’s 70 years old.

I loved it though!
Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan Live @ 2011 Grammys

Harp On!!

Did you notice that almost the entire band was left-handed?

Huh no i didn’t that is strange.

harp on!!

I thought he did great. The 1st time I watched this, I did not notice all the left handers. That’s somewhat unusual.

Ahem! If the left hand side of your mind controls the right hand side of your body; and the right hand side of your mind controls the left hand side of your body; only those of us who are left haned are in our right mind.

and right handed people are controled with what’s left of their mind.

At least Dylan didn’t go on as long as Mick Jagger did…

The Mick started out okay…

But by the time he was finished with his long dragging out of “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” – I’d’ve sworn Justin Beiber had graduated from college; married, divorced and was paying alimony and child payments to his ex Old Lady Gaga!!

If anyone caught Dame Barbara Streisand’s performance – Well, at least she still has the pipes to belt out “Evergreen.” However, as she didn’t know what to do when it was all over, you could tell this Ultra Lib is just plain “Fockerd Up”!!

Speaking of Beiber and the Grammys – Joel McHale probably had the best take of it on The Soup: