The lip blocking.

Hello, i am a new member here and i have a lot of questions but i am not going to ask them all right now
so here is the first one : Mr JP talked about bringing the sides of the lips together when using the deep relaxed embouchure in this forum but in his great YouTube video he didn’t mention about it , and in another forum someone said that he doesn’t recommend to his student to do that so my question is the following : should i bring the sides of my mouth together or not (can you explain why please?)?and sorry for my very very bad english.
Thank ya.

Give it a try. Whatever works for you to get you playing. You will find your embouchure will be an evolving thing. It will constantly change and improve as you get better and learn different techniques.

Hi, thank you for your replay ,i tried to pinch the sides of my lips and this seems to give me a better tone but it tends to tense my upper lip alittle too so is it normal ?(sorry for this stupid question)
Thank you.

your top lip should be relaxed. EVERYTHING should be relaxed. your top lip should cover the top harp cover all the way back to your finger or back edge.

I too am a fairly new harp student. Bringing our bottom lip closer together works well but like anything else takes time and patience and a lot of practice. Besides adjusting your lower lip you might also try to experiment with changing the angle of the harp in your mouth. Try to angle the harp a little downward more towards your lower lip. This may help to block the other holes a little better.
Good Luck