The Low Blows

I started learning the harp about three months ago. Using mostly a C special 20. My single notes are getting better, 1,2,3 draws are coming along decently and I’m making good progress on my bends. I need some feedback on the low blows though. I know they take more air but how can I get more (for want of a better word) “punch” on the note especially 1 blow?


So you don’t think they are loud enough?


Yeah, the note’s not as loud as the others. I suppose it’s a matter of getting the air flowing faster through the reed? Just blowing harder?

My thoughts are that when you put the harp to your lips and blow or draw the note comes out plain, as in saying ah. Try using a “T”-TAH or “D”-DAH or “K”-KAH to add some punch to it. I don’t think it takes more air to sound to lower notes, not much if it does.

Thanks for the replies. I know what you’re saying. I’m probably expecting too much too soon and it’s a matter of more exercises and practice, practice, practice.


As Paul already stated, in my crude beginner’s view, i too think that its a matter of enveloping the air stream with certain articulations and attacking it in different ways. If you look up YT videos of Jason Ricci and Howard Levy you’ll DEFINETLY see what i mean.