The Shower Effect?

Does anyone else feel like when they are playing along to music with earbuds on that they are rocking along with the band, but then take them out to find they sound a little bland?

I call it the “Shower Effect”

Kind of like why singing in the shower always seems to sound better.

Just curious, does this happen to anyone else?


I think I get what you mean

When I jam along to backing tracks I have the music in ear buds, but I do keep one ear free so I can hear the myself, and I think I’m on the top of the world, but those who can’t hear the backing track might have other thoughts on what they hear. I have yet to record myself playing along to a backing track

The important thing is that we will not let other people’s opinion or our own fear of sounding “bland” get in the way of practicing and playing


That’s a great idea!

I tried what you said and with only one ear bud it seems I have more control over what I am hearing and what I am playing…

And yes, I think most important is that we play regardless of what others think. The only way to get better is practice.

Baby steps… :footprints: