the tongue block practising vs my jaw's painful

Hello Everyone,
I’m practising the tongue block, and a few days after, I’ve felt painful in my right jaw, the position close to the ear.
I don’t know it’s normal or I had some wrong in technique.
Could you please advise?

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Hi Hien I don’t get any pain in my jaw practicing tongue blocking just my tongue gets a little scraped up :’(

But I’m just starting to learn that technique so maybe I’m doing it wrong and you will get that pain in your jaw :-\

Someone out there with a little more experience might be able to help you get past this ;D

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Sounds more like tooth or teeth problems there… :-\

Someone should be paying a visit to the dentist if it gets worse… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re in California or Mexico - your favorite “pharmacist” can help too, or the nearest “herbal” provider… :wink:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted!

Hey Hien,

I would say you’re probably pulling your jaw out of alignment and that’s not good. TMJ is a serious problem.

It’s great you caught it now.

I would say relax your jaw and look in a mirror to see if you’re moving your jaw to the left or right unnaturally and see if correcting it help.

Tongue blocking is worth the effort so please stick with it.


Hello JP,

You’re right. I’m also learning your method deep relaxed mouth position, I think it’ll work well. My sound’s improved, faster moving, although I’m not sufficient strong in notes now. During practising the deep relaxed mouth position, it seems also my tongue block improved, the sound’s more controled, soulful as well.
Sorry, I don’t understand a your word, what is the TMJ, please?

Thank you very much,

Yeah, JP!

Our friend HNG asks a very good question:

what is the [u][i][b]TMJ[/b][/i][/u], please? ???

Am glad you’re doing much better on the DRE though, HNG! :wink:


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I’m sorry Street Player Dude, What is the DRE, please? Is it deep relaxed embouchure?


Ya I believe thats what Street Player Dude (SPD) was referring too ;D ;D

DRE Deep Relaxed Embouchure.

Sometimes Forum talk can get confusing.


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  1. Am just laughing at my response. I typed it out quickly; and when I read it back, it just read ‘funny’! So I left it alone figuring someone else would pick up on the irony/satire of it all. I do that a lot around here! Hehehe!

  2. Yes, HNG, the DRE is shorthand for JP’s Deep Relaxed Embouchure that we discussed here:!/

  1. Still doesn’t explain what that TMJ stuff is though! We’ll just have to wait and see!



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JP, I agree with you regarding jaw alienment. But what I think he’s doing is pushing his lower jaw foreward to accomplish Deep Mouth/Relaxed Emrouchure. I don’t think it’s as much left to right movement as it is pushing his lower jaw foreward.


I don't think it's as much left to right movement as it is pushing his lower jaw forward.

That’s a very good prognosis there, Dr Barry!

Meaning, I know when Jon Gindick talks about his lesson on the DRE, he says to stick the harmonica full in your mouth and grasp it with your teeth. {For someone akin to BB that may just be their tooths, but who knows…anyways…}

Jon says doing this relaxes the muscles around the mouth and lips. Then as it ‘slides’ ever so slightly out of the teeth {or tooths} it’s automatically in position for the DRE.

It works quite well actually. Of course, barring any physical problems with the jaw itself.

Again, nice observation!


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