This could be bad for those posting videos of themselves playing harmonica.

So I saw these articles on Gizmodo (my personal website addiction) and I thought that it might be relevant to this community.

Take a look at the articles, no point me typing it all up.

(edited - second link removed, it was unrelated)

Well for cryin’ out loud.

I suppose that I will continue to complement my favorite artists by covering a few of their songs…I even got some on youtube!


Molon Labe, as I always say!


Well I belong to so many sites now – So what’s another one just to look going to hurt, eh?! Hehehe!!

So yeah, okay, I watch the clip below the major one, and scroll down to this post:

“I don’t get it. Is he a kid with an extremely large head or is he a man with an extremely small body?”

My response to that is:

No, that’s what drug rehab and botox make you look like when you’re trying to make a comeback by the one and only…Well, watch both (more fun when you play them at the same time); compare for yourself; and tell me you don’t agree:

Like A G6(With Me)

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (1986)



That first video really cracked me up though…lol