This Gal sure can play

She’s playing my favorite harp Golden Melody
Rachelle Plas harmonica blues cognac blues passions 2010

Harp On!!

At the rate my internet is moving tonight, it will take me 30 minutes to listen to it. I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be better then. What little I did listen to sounded good.

That was pretty good, Joe! Thanks fore posting that! ;D

Fun! Thanks, Joe.

she’s the real deal !

Yeppers! Like the latex-leather and her ‘guns’ to boot! :wink:

As Jimmy Durante might say: Hot-cha-cha!! :smiley:

In 1992, the days BC (before Children) my wife and I took 2 weeks out to ‘Numb-Bum’ abround France on my (t)rusty CX500 - it was probably the best holiday we’ve had. We stayed in Cognac for a couple of days, and in the town centre they were setting up a stage set. We heard English voices from the band who turned out to be a blues band from Croydon (South London) - my old stomping ground! Knew all the same pubs, etc. They were excellent, but there does seem to be a massive following of jazz/blues in mainland Europe - we go to Italy every year now and there are always jazz or blues festivals going on throughout the year, and stages set up in almost every town square. Any excuse to party - and we love it!

Taking my harp this year - cos ya never know! 8)