this? or that?


I’m finding myself in a lovely but problematic situation, I have a choice to make…

I shall buy a new harp, but can’t make up my mind. Should I go for a Suzuki Manji or a Hohner Marine Band Crossover?
Both are customized by the same person (Ben Bouman) and the same price tag, so I’ll guess it’s down to smoothness of the coverplates/comb, looks and such.

Any opinions anyone?

I have only played the Manji, and it’s a good harp, but I don’t like.

If you’re open for advice, you might want to reconsider buying a custom harp at this stage. They cost much more, and until you’ve played for a few years you won’t notice any big difference between them and a middle priced manufactered harp. Having expensive custom made harps will only do so much to strenghten your playing, The important stuff is what’s going on in your mouth, not in the harp.

I got a BETA HARP manji from Ben Bouman myself a while ago no complaints really plays incredible chords I got it in key of G.

It really tickles the lips like no other harp I have ever played, especially with the chords.

Literally tickles my upper lips when playing chords. Really powerful sounding Harp.

Harp on!!

Well, I’m not that good of a player, but the 2 custom harps that I have are supper! I can defiantly tell the differance. Sure, you need to get somewhat accomplished to justify a custom harp. But, hey! This is my hobbie and if I want /or can afford a custom harp, why not?
Note: the 2 I have are BETA 1, Key D and Key D. If you are going after a sweeter sound or quicker response. Then by all means get a Custom harp. Now which one or who from is entirely up to you. I happen to really enjoy my 1847 Classic Beta 1 key D harp. It’s my favorite! Does it make me a better player? No, but it’s fun and it’s mine. I also have not played a Manji or a Marine Band, so I don’t know what they are like. I suppose that what ever harp you choose, you will like it or hate it. My first harp is/was a Hohner Blues Harp Key C, It got me started and I don’t really like it. I also have a Hohner Golden Melody, I really dislike that harp also. I’ve stumbled upon the Seydel’s after seeing Christel Lester play “Hallalujia” on a Seydel. I bought one and that’s the harp for me. Since I’ve gotten Ben’s Beta’s, I really like them.
I have Richard Sleigh’s TurboCharge Your Harmonica and Harmonica for Dummies, so I have been playing with a couple of Special 20’s that were given to me. I’ve brought the D back to life and am working on an E.
I will purchase another harp from Ben, just haven’t decide which one.

When I get comforable on the cheeper harps I plan on setting upo one of my own Seydel’s. Wish me some skill and a big magnifing glass!!

P.S. Sorry this post is so long, I guess I just started rambling and couldn’t stop!

It was a nice read there, Ty-Man! :wink:

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

Keep on Harpin’!

my favorite harp was a Suzuki Blues Master it grew legs. I also have 2 Special 20’s I like alot. I also have a Marine Band I don’t care for, when I start playing the reed plates cut my tongue, after playing for a while the wood comb swells an feels like a cheese grater on my lips and tongue. Only plastic combs for me now.