Throat Vibrato

Trying to get this especially on draw notes is giving me fits…any tips or suggestions?

Practice, practice, practice!

Also Jon Gindick (and others) say learn to gurgle and/or gulp like a fish with the back of the throat muscles. Slowly at first, then speed up when you get the hang of it.

Before you know it, people will hear it and say: “Yo, man, are doing vibrato or is that a bass in your throat?” {Mwuahahahahahahaha! Sorry, couldn’t help it…slow news day and all that, y’know! Mwuahahahahahahaha!}

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

SPD got it covered! I wish I had tips for ya…but sometimes you gotta practice and make up your own tips!


Gotcha, and thanks. At least when I get it I won’t be doing it wrong! ;D

Try bouncing/jerking your belly muscle in and out as you inhale. It’s a little different technique than using the throat but it works pretty good. I think it was Jason Ricci that gave this hint but I am not positive.