time off= better player

Hi all! I have a unique problem, well maybe its not that unique.
I have been laid off from my electrician job again! Thats how that goes.
It will provide me more time to study things I like, like Harmonica, and guitar lessons, and practice.
I would recommend it to anyone with time on their hands. It makes time fly and really helps get over the burdens of life.
Thanks for having a great forum, I look forward to jammin all over again after 30 years of letting it go. (I guess I am starting all over again! I couldn’t think of a better way to get started.
Just jammin jim

Howdy Killr! <<<shades of Jerrry Lee Lewis on that one! hehe! >>>>

I dig what you’re saying, man!

My recent trek started when the tractor-trailer I was driving rolled over:


Just celebrated the year anniversary on it. Still collecting workman’s comp as well.

Yet soon after returning home from the hospital, I became determined to learn and master this little instrument once and for all. It’s still going to be some time getting there, but it’s not the end that matters, it’s the journey along the way! Or so I’m told! :smiley:

Yeah, using your time wisely, especially in learning harmonica, is the best thing you can do for yourself! Never know where it can/will take you!

Keep on harpin’!

Hey Jim,

Way to make a make a challenge into a blessing…

30 years off but back in the saddle!!!