Time passes

I was just watching the video JP sent along with the Stairway to Heaven tab. I think theres a tendency to have mental pictures of rock stars from their album covers in memory. Plant preformed here in Tucson recently. It was jarring to see his photo. Guess time passes for all of us.

I’m not sure what you’re aiming at here, but I have images of Sonny Terry laughing and clapping his knee in my head. It’s of course because I admire him and his music immensly, he’s just such a character!

That image is simply imbeded in my conscious, it’s a bit weird when I think of it. It’s more like a three second movie clip that reruns infinetly.

Ohh what an interesting topic, MP! :o

Just how do you do it? :smiley:

So many examples, so little time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like this teen hearthrob going from this:


To this:


Ciao, yo!

What is the topic? I don’t think I understood it ???


Yo, Kat!

Mike was just saying how time passes from what we grew up with and knew, to what we see now and know. 8)

He was using Robert Plant as a good example of that. ;D

Before: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Robert-Plant.jpg :slight_smile:

After: http://www.robertplant.com/ ::slight_smile:

{Check out his ‘recent photos’ block! Like OMG! What happened to you, man?!} :o

Yet the topic still works (for me) - regardless of strictly being a harper or not! :smiley:

Si, comprende, amigo?! :wink:


Sorry mikepipe I know this isn’t one of your favorite performers but a good example of time passes :-\

And he has made a pretty powerful impact in the world of music for say five decades WOW!!

Oh ya time passes ;D



Yes,he’s another person who when I saw a recent photo I realizes time passes for all. In his photo I thought he looked really unwell. I suppose Dorian Gray is the only unageing one.

“I realizes time passes for all”
ain’t that the truth, mike :slight_smile:

We are but dust in the wind…

Yo, JF!

Just think: You lived long enough to see these in the times they were taken:

Before: http://www.singerpictures.com/bob-dylan-picture-21733.html


After: http://dylanstubs.com/pictures/2010_1/dylan_by_nicolas_kristen_2.html




Harp on!!

Just doing my part, JF…Just doing my part! :smiley:

SPD On The Job!!

I don’t know maybe cause i’m just a big fan but I find this pretty incredible.

[center]Way back in probably 1963

Bob Dylan - Blowin In the Wind


[center]Later on looking like he’s having fun with Joan Baez

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - Blowin in the wind


[center]Fast forward almost 50 years

Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed

[center]He’s still got it and I still want it[/center]

[center]Harp On!![/center]

Anybody notice that in the first vid, somebody sure looked a lot like Joe?
The big D just played here. I wish I could have afforded to go.
My son was having fits to attend, but tickets were just a little too pricey for him, he said.

Ya he’s coming to Connecticut, I heard the other day, one the casino’s up here I think Mohegan Sun ;D

I also heard that it is impossible to get tickets >:( >:(

Then I heard he’ll be playing in Madison Square Garden that’ll be like going home to him ::slight_smile:

Right where he started out in 1961, I guess he hitched a ride way back then
from Minnesota, got dropped off at the “George Washington” bridge and took a subway down to
Greenwich Village. And that’s where it all began so long ago. ;D

Harp On!!

Oh and by the way BB Bottom Video looks more like me ;D ;D


Just re-read Post Reply#s 8-10 here.

Nothing’s changed much since then.

Yeppers, JF: You’re Old!!

Hey Spud, that was a cool pic of Leif Garrett playing Danny Bonnadookey.
Actually, I kinda like weird old Banaduce. At least he seems honest about himself.
Speaking of “Time Passages” (cool song, but this isn’t about that), I remember Leno’s comment about the Stones a few years back. He said he liked to catch their act at least once a year to see any new wrinkles in the act. Well they have some of those. You know, my wife and I were discussing Jagger and friends when they were playing here during their big tour a few years back. After we keep ourselves clean for so many years (drug free), thinking we will be healthier for much longer, we see Jagger dancing and leaping tall buildings all over the stage for hours nonstop (and still has enough breath to sing…scream…shout…and whatever else he needs to do). Kinda kills the lesson plan we used on the kids, don’t it?!

BB Kinda makes you go HMMMMMM!

I’d say kind of defeats the purpose, eh, BB?!

But then hey, got me to thinking about some good jokes about getting older too.

I had some setups, but found a few of the following instead. Enjoy! Rock on, yo!!

How Did You Live So Long?

A young newspaper reporter was interviewing a 103 year old lady.

“What do you attribute your long life to?” the reporter asked.

“Well, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, get eight hours of sleep every night. Built up a reputation as a nice good girl. And I’ve never been sick a day in my life,” the old lady replied.

“You mean in 103 years you’ve never been bed-ridden?” the astonished journalist asked.

“Oh hell, yes, of course,” the lady smiled. “Thousands of times. Five times once in a buggy too, but um you ain’t putting that in the paper now, are you sonny?”

Take off your clothes!

A elderly resident at a retirement home walked up to an older lady and said to her,
“How old do you think I am?”

“Um, take off your clothes!” the lady demanded.

“Take off my clothes! What do you want me to take my clothes off for?”

“You told me to tell you how old you were. So take off your clothes and I can tell you.”

The old man took off all his clothes and said, “There, now, how old do you think I am?”

“You’re 96 year old now. And you’ll be 97 on December 13th.”

“Gee whiskers! How did you know that?” the old man inquired

“Simple: You told me twice this morning, three times yesterday, and…!”

[center]I’m Not Old…Just Mature!

[center]Today at the drugstore, the clerk was a gent.
From my purchase this chap took off ten percent.
I asked for the cause of a lesser amount;
And he answered, “Because of the Senior Citizens Discount.”

I went to McDonald’s for a burger and fries;
And there, once again, got quite a surprise.
The clerk poured some coffee which he handed to me.
He said, “For you, Seniors, the coffee is free.”

Understand—I’m not old—I’m merely mature;
But some things are changing, temporarily, I’m sure.
The newspaper print gets smaller each day,
And people speak softer—can’t hear what they say.

My teeth are my own (I have the receipt),
and my glasses identify people I meet.
Oh, I’ve slowed down a bit…not a lot, I am sure.
You see, I’m not old…I’m only mature.

The gold in my hair has been bleached by the sun.
You should see all the damage that chlorine has done.
Washing my hair has turned it all white,
But don’t call it gray…saying “blond” is just right.

My car is all paid for…not a nickel is owed.
Yet a kid yells, “Old duffer…get off of the road!”
My car has no scratches…not even a dent.
Still I get all that guff from a punk who’s “Hell bent.”

My friends all get older…much faster than me.
They seem much more wrinkled, from what I can see.
I’ve got “character lines,” not wrinkles…for sure,
But don’t call me old…just call me mature.

The steps in the houses they’re building today
Are so high that they take…your breath all away;
And the streets are much steeper than ten years ago.
That should explain why my walking is slow.

But I’m keeping up on what’s hip and what’s new,
And I think I can still dance a mean boogaloo.
I’m still in the running…in this I’m secure,
I’m not really old … I’m only mature.[/center]