To Shy to Beg Preview

Howdy guys,I know its been a long time sence I stoped in,been kind of busy putting together my 1st CD of cigarbox guitar/harp Red dirt swamp blues;-) I made a video that features a preview of the songs on the CD,And thought I would drop in say Howdy and lets you guys know about the RELEASE of (To Shy to Beg) by me Hobostubs;-) Its raw,grity dirty,and Lo-Fi

Howdy Stubs!

Long time, no see!

Been wondering where you’ve been, whatcha been doin…but was to shy to ask!

Glad to have you back!

Rock on, yo!

thanks,Glad to be back,I had my computer crash awhile back and lost all my short cuts and well everthing,So I decided just to take a break,I was still on the Net but didnt post hardly anywhere,for awhile,cause it started to get confusing with all the differernt places,and I noticed I wasnt getting anything else done;-)But im back i just got to watch how much time I spend on the computer,there are addicting;-)