tongue blocking

what is the best way to start tongue blocking and how do you know if you are doing it the correct way

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what is the best way to start tongue blocking

Placing your tongue on the side of the hole(s)/note(s) you don’t want to play.

I say this because your tongue will either go to the right side or left side. I actually do them both because various methods/teachers have used them both. So I figured I’d learn it too!

how do you know if you are doing it the correct way

If it’s playing and you’re hearing the note(s), you’re doing it correctly, man er Big Guy!

It just takes practice and memory. But it’s not difficult at all.

But now as Pat Missin says, and I believe: To tongue block or not tongue block is the question?

Since everybody is different, then one has to look at various views, and then decide for themselves which is good for them.

Me, I use a U Block for playing melodies. Just to pinpoint where I want to be, and then go to a non-tongue puckerish type of playing. But I do use my tongue, as Norton Buffalo showed on his dvd, to do octave-splitting and coming up with cool rhthyms too!

I also use my tongue for articulation, and working on what is called ‘tongue slapping’ the harp. That’s a little more advanced, so we’ll stick with the basics first.

And it is difficult to tongue block for bends; however not quite impossible as one might imagine. However, to the basics first:

Except for octave-splitting and tongue slapping itself, JP in his vids and lessons prefers not to use much tongue blocking; but instead use what he calls the Deep Relaxed Embouchure, moving the harp across a pronounced lower lip. On the other hand, his friend, Jom Gindick, who use something similar also happily says to do whatever works for you.

So here’s some various views and hope it helps you too!

Good Luck!

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HARMONICA LESSON-Beginners: Learn the Best Mouth Position
Modern Blues Harmonica - tongue-blocking 1 (Gussow.057)
Tongue Blocking from a Lip Purser (HARMONICA) 001.
Octave tongue blocking

That depends. If you are already familiar with puckering, I don’t think it takes too much effort. I just picked up the harp and tried, and I could do it right away. I’m a little clumsy at it though, seeing as I never do it.

The basic idea is that you blow a full chord, but block out all the holes except the one furthest away from the tip of your tongue.

Ya I’ve ys used the Deep Relaxed Embouchure, But lately have been playing aroung
with tongue blocking cause I think it sometimes gives a cool sound 8)

Especially when you slap tongue off and on at different beats to the tune :o

Been practicing Oh When The Saints Go Marching In, with tongue block
I don’t exactly know how to describe it but you can add a lot of color
to that tune verses puckering one note at a time. ;D

Harp on!!

Hey Bigguy!

I ready the posts and there’s some great advice and some solid videos. I hope their helping you.

One of my big breakthroughs with being able to bend while tongue blocking (which is pretty tough) is to play the right of center…

Meaning if I’m looking straight ahead, the harmonica would be angled about 15 degress to my right. This slight angel enable me to get the harmonica deeper in my mouth which gives me control over bending.

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