Tongue Blocking!!

I am really struggling with tongue blocking and I kind of feel I am running
out of steam >:(

Anyone who’s got a good hold of this technique? That would share
where there (eureeka!) breakthrough was on it ???

I’ve been practicing trying to do the Major scale 4B 4D 5B 5D 6B 6D 7D 8B
with a tongue slap, I am not doing a very good job on it >:(

Does it just take a lot of patience and practice? I’ve been practicing it for
a few weeks now and it doesn’t seem like I am making progress!

Harp On!!

Well, in my oppnion, tongue bloacking is not a nessesary technique unless your trying to do octaves or something. I usually just use my bottom lip to block the other holes. And it may just be one of those skills that you need to just shelve for a few weeks (or months, if nessesary) and then come back to later. Many times, if you’re obbsessing over one skill for too long, your brain just says “Give me a break! Just let me proccess this before you force me to do it again!” So maybe you could just try shelving this skill until you feel more comfortable.
I hope this helps,

Yup you just might be right Jon,

I usually just lip block myself just trying to learn this technique for the slapping effect
and how it sounds.

I’m probably in to much of a rush maybe just try and give it some time and eventually
who knows.

Harp On

There are things you can’t do without using tongue blocking, but those are way off for me.

Yes sir Gregmatic, I’m just starting to learn but me thinks it’ll take months if not more to get them
to play well.

Some skills you will need tongue blocking to achieve:

  1. Playing Octaves (1B - 4B), (2B - 5B), (3B - 6B), (4B - 7B), (5B - 8B), (6B - 9B), (7B - 10B) all blow octaves.

1A. Draw Octaves (1D - 4D), 5 Hole Octaves: (3D - 7D), (4D - 8D), (5D - 9D), (6D - 10D) very challenging!!
and one more a (2D - 5D) called the seventh. Very powerful blues sound.

  1. Tongue Slapping any hole including tongue slapping Octaves, Very difficult to achieve.

Well that’s my challenge right now. Anyone have any quick fast learning techniques I’m all ears but I think it just comes with
lots of practice.

But it’s all fun.

Harp On!!

Joe, it’s a skill you’ll acquire. Just get it out and work a bit; then put it away. Can Dylan tongue block?

So what your saying is to work at it but don’t panic it will come in time.

I’m pretty sure Dylan didn’t use the tongue blocking technique.

Harp On!!

one thing that really helps me when i am stuck, and this applies to any challenge, not just learning to play an instrument, is to step away from the problem physically for a time, but keep trying to do it mentally. mind practice it for a while, and just have fun playing other less challenging things. after a couple of days i usually find a new inspiration.

That is so true I find that it always helps to maybe put it away and comeback to it.

Me just trying to be in a hurry I have a hard time putting it away…

But some times you got to.

Harp On!!

that’s me joe. i cannot stand to “give up”. :stuck_out_tongue: