tongue blocking

I couldn’t find anything on this forum when I did a search in re: tongue blocking.

I’m totally new to the harmonica. Just completed lesson #1.

Is tongue blocking a good technique for creating single notes and chords?

If so has anyone used what is called a tongue block trainer? A device that lets you, with a mirror, see exactly where the tongue is when blocking a hole(s).
What is your experience with it if you have?

Thanks, Judd

Howdy Judd!
I don’t tongue block. It is a method some swear by,
and you can use it and other techniques. You don’t
have to choose one and stick with it. Maybe one day
I’ll find a need in my playing to use tongue blocking.
I’ll learn then. For now, I’ll dance with the one who
brung me.


Thanks. Good to hear that not everyone uses tongue blocking. I ask because I got a trial subscription to lessons on Hohner’s website. The particular instructor seems to advocate using this technique almost always. I’ll just continue through JP’s lessons and see how it goes.

I am on lesson #35. I see now that JP doesn’t even advocate using tongue blocking. That ends that I think.